Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader/Blogger/BookTuber

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I couldn't choose to talk about reading OR blogging, so I'm getting cheaterly and doing BOTH!

Why I'm tickled to be a reader...

1. I am constantly learning. Which is good, since I'm a life-long learner by nature. When I finished grad school, I thought my brain might shrivel up and die since I wasn't operating at the same level of intellectual stimulation, but I kept the reading train rolling and all is well.

2. I'm challenged intellectually and keep my analytical skills sharp. I enjoy analysis. I love a book that will force me to chew over a topic or a concept. These books are harder to find, but they're so much fun when I stumble upon them.

3. I am never bored. My mom hated to hear "I'm bored," when I was a teen, so I quickly learned to replace boredom with books.

4. Books = beauty. The book is a beautiful object...says the #coverho.

5. I can experience a world of possibilities, ideas, cultures, and scenarios. 'Nuff said.

Why I'm over the moon for blogging and BookTube...

6. I learn about scads of new books I wouldn't have known about otherwise. There used to be times I'd go into a bookstore and not really know what I wanted to read. Those days are LONG GONE.

7. My bookish friends entice me to challenge myself in innumerable ways. It's great to see how other readers are stretching their reading. Challenges, personal goals. It all rubs off on me.

8. I always have an outlet for writing. And I really miss it if I get out of the loop.

9. COMMUNITY. All the friends! All the conversation!

10. I feel a part of something bigger. I just don't have a lot of reading people in my everyday life. Being a blogger and BookTuber lets me feel the connection to other readers across the globe. That is pretty dang cool!

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