Monday, February 24, 2014

#WilkieWinter EPOCH THE THIRD!

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I was down to the last 100 pages. Work was swirling around my head. Wedding plans were dragging at my heels. AND I JUST WANTED TO FINISH THE BOOK.

Which I did, in a fit of insomnia at 3am, and I've decided that was probably the perfect end to this thrilling book!

Spoilers ahead!

I really wasn't sure how ole Wilkie was going to resolve all of the issues in this section, but I think he did it quite well. Here's a bullet-pointed list of some thoughts. 

  • That dagnabbed FOSCO! I was truly surprised when Wilkie brought Pesca back into the story and how that led to Fosco's undoing. Was it a little too convenient and "hand of Godly?" A bit. But it did not damage my enjoyment of the story. it was kind of nice to know from Fosco's own hand how all the things went down, though I felt like I'd already deduced most of that stuff in the letter myself. Do you agree?
  • OMG, Sir Percival Glyde! I did not expect your bastardly beginnings! And I did not expect him to be so easily dead. 
  • Marian is the shit. It's a shame that old, corpulent, scheming Fosco is absolutely the only man attracted to her in the whole doorstop of a book. 
  • Laura was a soul-sucking gray void. I just wanted to tell her to smell some salts and get over herself.
This was a really enjoyable, and at times genuinely suspenseful, novel. I'm extremely glad I finally read it, and I'm itching to read more classics, even if it'll be a while before Wilkie and I get back together. I feel certain I will read The Moonstone one of these days. 

For now? Maybe some shorter classics to help me recover from six weeks of The Woman in White. Part of me wishes I'd had more time and motivation and read it quicker, as I think I might not have gotten bogged down in some spots that I found a bit boggy. 

Thank you to Amanda and Heatheroo for helping shape this journey! 

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