Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Reading: A Sea of Threes

2014 reading...I'm right on track to reach my goal of 80 books. I've accepted a few ARCs this year. More than usual. I've stayed up too late reading a couple of times.

But with all of these positive developments, I still feel like my reading is just "meh." I'm stuck in a sea of threes, you see. 3 of 5 stars, that is. I'm not a stickler for rating my books, but I do stick those stars on with the option to change them later depending on how the book "ages" with me. Can I remember the plot? Does it sparkle in my memory?

Typically, the books that garner the highest ratings from me are the ones with the most emotional AND narrative impact. I have to cry and love what the author has achieved in writing, basically. And there just haven't been any fives in my life in 2014. Some fours. But mostly threes. In fact, I've had some pretty big disappointments, but mostly just a lot of, "That was good...enough."

Last year was exceptionally full of fives. And most of them came from my TBR. Which tells me I need to be turning to my TBR more often! 

Which books have tickled your five-star fancy lately?

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