Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Monday. Is There Reading? And Wedding Stuff

FIVE DAYS! Five days til the wedding, and surprisingly, I am not freaking out. We've gotten a lot done this weekend. Does that include reading?

Same stuff. Different day. I'm really enjoying both The Martian and Other Voices, Other Rooms but when it comes to staying awake at night or stealing a few minutes to just isn't happening. 

Hosted by Sheila from BookJourney.

In other news, my colleagues threw me a bridal shower on Wednesday, and my family threw one on Saturday! Gifts are fun, of course, but even more fantabulous was getting to hang out with some of my favorite people, all at one time. 

Vanilla "clock" cupcakes...themed for a fave book: The Hours!
Beautiful gifts! That chevron rug is to die for. 
My work shower was super cute. They went above and beyond to capture all the things I love best. They used bright versions of our wedding colors, all of the food was book-themed, and there were book centerpieces on the tables! And owls! Owls decorated the buffet line. We played wedding charades, did some wedding mad libs, and generally laughed a lot. Here's my favorite recipe from the shower...a French Quarter Cheeseball in a "Nest"...themed to go with one of my fave books, The Sparrow.

Many of you have already "oohed" and "aaahhhed" over my family shower on Instagram. And rightly so! It was incredibly beautiful. Rachel, one of my matrons of honor, and her aunt Debbie, were hostesses. It was at Debbie's house, and believe it or not, it's always this breathtaking. Her standard sideboard display is wedding toppers from her wedding, her parents, her husband's parents, etc. So with a little extra embellishment, we were ready for a shower!

Rachel took note of the beautiful hombre rosette cake I pinned ages ago on my wedding board and had her bakery recreate it, since we decided to go another way for our actual wedding cake. We also had these AWESOME "funeral roll" sandwiches. Kind of an ironic name given the occasion, but they were SO GOOD. 

Our family and friends have been incredibly generous with gifts. We received a Keurig, new cookware, new bakeware, some beautiful decor, a new toaster, and other goodies at the family shower. The work shower peeps gave us plenty of gift cards, a gorgeous yellow chevron rug, some bathroom goodies, and a kickass scrapbook. And my online friends have been equally generous. We got some cutlery, an Ina Garten cookbook, and a WONDERFUL couples journal, as well as a picture book for Greyson. 

Our cup runneth over with love and generosity, and we could not be more grateful. Now, let's get married! It's almost time!

DIY bird feeder favors for the wedding.

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