Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Personally: Tuesday THINGS

This is the first day I haven't had a post pre-scheduled in a while! Truthfully, I couldn't make myself get out of my cozy bed long enough to pre-schedule anything this weekend. Greyson went to his dad's house on Thursday night, and I scampered off to book club to discuss Labor Day and Heaven is For Real. It was also my first time at La Madeleine, and the pear and prosciutto salad is a thing of ridonkulously delicious perfection. Just go get it.

Image via Yelp.com.
Then Friday was a normal work day. I'm trying to remember what I did Friday night. I'm pretty sure it involved food, but I can't be certain. OH, I remember...the great invitation freakout. I'd rather forget.

Saturday, oh SATURDAY. First, I met with our photographer. I am in love with her work, and we just happened to go to high school together. After our consultation I didn't even feel weird about handing over ALL the money. Next, my mom and I cavorted through a town close by to gather up the last of the wedding things: plasticware (I'm practical!), ribbon, a garter, bubbles for farewell blowing, and other crafty miscellanea.

Sunday there was a threat of ice and snow and sleet and all the precipitation that really scares Texans. And sure enough, Greyson got iced in at Chuck's house, and we had a university snow day called for Monday! So I got more grading done, more reading done, and another night of uninterrupted sleep.

Monday: so happy to have my boy back in the house. Even though sleep got shot to hell. Every time I stretched out in my bed, my brain went nuts with all the thinking. I ended up staying awake reading The Martian until I finally sacked out around 1am.

OH, and I played on Instagram for a while.

NOTE: This is a dress I DID NOT pick. Because it was bulky and heavy and made me feel like a cake topper. Loved the ruching, though! 

And that is all. Even though I'm back at work today, I just wanna read some more! 

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