Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Sunday Salon - Reading Update

February turned into a surprisingly good reading month. I didn't have my hopes set very high because of STUFF, but that shows what I know. The highlights of the month were definitely my Comics February reading and finishing up The Woman in White Readalong. 

So far I've reviewed Heaven is For Real, The Woman in White (vlog), Chew and Saga. I'm excited to share my thoughts on Labor Day and Boy, Snow, Bird. Even though I had some issues with both of these novels, sometimes the ones with issues are the best for discussion. 

March is off to a screaming start with...

Saga, volume 2 is no big surprise since I liked the first book so much. Other Voices, Other Rooms is something of a wild card pick. I just happened to snap it up off of my TBR Challenge pile, and so far it seems like just the thing! The writing is lovely and the Southern gothic feel is sublime. 

What are you reading this weekend? I hope March is off to a great start! 

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