Friday, April 04, 2014

#24in48 Update Post

Hour 37 Well the last 12 hours or so have been a bust. I finally got back to sleep last night (this morning) only to be roused by a distressed basset hound afraid of a rainstorm. I finally got to sleep sleep at 5am, slept til 10:30, went to brunch with my mom, got groceries for the week, and now there's less than 12 hours to go! Ack! I'll be picking up my kiddo at 4pm, the hubby will be home around that time, too, and I won't be achieving 24 hours, but this weekend has certainly bumped up the amount I've read and rejuvenated me.

Sunday's goals:
Finish A Great and Terrible Beauty, and dig into Les Miserables before bed. I'll update you on my results tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you all have had a great weekend of reading, and a huge THANK YOU to Rachel for hosting such a fun event!

Hour 26 Gah! Totally fell asleep about 11:30pm. Now it's almost 3am and I'm awake for a few minutes to update before I pass back out. I'll be back at it tomorrow.
Books read: 2 and bits of two more (I've added Relish to the mix) and two magazines
Pages: 846 total
Hours Read: 11
Food: Add a turkey sandwich and cheese stick to the mix.

Hour 19:30
Books Read: 2 and a piece (A.J. FikryChew, vol. 3; part of A Great and Terrible Beauty)
Pages: 450 total
Hours Read: 8
Food Consumed: The stuff listed below, plus I took a quick Starbucks break to spend my gift card winnings. One grande green tea frappuccino and a piece of lemon loaf later....heaven!

Hour 14? Maybe. 
Books Read: 1
Pages: 250ish total
Hours Read: 5
Food Consumed: Cereal, Chinese leftovers
What's up next? A Starbucks run (since I won the first prize giveaway!) and some time to rest my eyes. I think I'll read more of A Great and Terrible Beauty or maybe start on Chew: Just Desserts (vol. 3).

Hour 11! I wish I had a more action-packed update, but this readathon seems to be off  with fits and starts. I woke up around midnight last night and read through pages of a few books until 1am or so. I fell back to sleep until 6am. I read a bit, fuddled around, and then fell totally back to sleep until about 15 minutes ago. Good news is that I feel totally rested, laundry is in the wash, and leftover Chinese food is warning for lunch. All told, I've read about 2 or 2.5 hours.

I'm halfway through The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, and I loooooooove it! Now, I'm gonna get back to it!

Hour 1! There's no way I'd be up right now, but I fell asleep about 10pm and had to get up to let the dogs out. O_o! So here I am doing the intro post and survey, and I might even try to read for a few minutes until my eyes get heavy yet again.

  • From what part of the world are you reading today? I'm northeast of Dallas, TX! 
  • What book are you most looking forward to? Hmmm, probably taking my first peek at The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, by Gabrielle Zevin. I've loved everything I've read of Zevin's, and I'm sure this won't disappoint. 
  • What’s your plan for the weekend, if you have one? 12 hours a day? 18 today, 6 tomorrow? I'm going to try to maximize my Saturday reading time because my husband and kiddo will be home later in the day on Sunday.
  • Are you going to be tracking anything specific this weekend besides time, like page count, books read, snacks consumed? I'll probably keep track of pages read, snacks consumed, and coffee drunk.
  • Is this your first readathon? If its not, leave our newbies your best readathon tip. Nope! I host Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon along with Heather from Capricious Reader. Best tip: choose short, fast reads to keep the mojo going!
  • Where are you going to be updating this weekend? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, a blog? I'll be updating here and my Twitter account (@estellasrevenge). 

Since I'm awake, I've picked my first book: A Great and Terrible Beauty, by Libba Bray. While it wasn't in my original potentials pile, this one has been on my TBR for something stupid like 7 years. It's also in this quarter's TBR challenge stack, so I'm looking forward to giving it a go. I loved Bray's The Diviners earlier in the year, so hopefully this one will keep me just as intensely interested as that book.

Cheers as we get started, folks!

Original "intentions post:

This is serious business, y'all. I'm so excited for the upcoming Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon that I absolutely cannot help myself. I'm tackling ANOTHER readathon in April! This is in the 24 in 48, hosted by A Home Between Pages. The mission: read 24 hours in the 48 hours the readathon runs.

David will be out of town this weekend. Greyson will be with Chuck. Sounds like a perfect time to rekindle my love of reading, right? I thought so. I have papers to grade, so 24 hours might be a slight stretch, but I'm still going for it.

What's on the potentials pile, you ask? Let's see...

I should be done with Beloved by the time it starts, so these are the ones I intend to sample. 
  • The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by one of my fave writers, Gabrielle Zevin
  • Saga, volume 3 because it's a super fast read
  • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I intend to get hooked, not finish it
  • Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
  • Les Miserables...also to get hooked, but I don't expect much more
I'm excited! Reading rules!

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