Friday, July 11, 2014

#BookTubeaThon 2014

So far this year readathons have put a fire under my butt to read. While I'm a little behind on my Goodreads Challenge goal of 80 books for the year, I'd be a lot further behind without reading events. Soooo, the next reading event for me is the BookTubeaThon! Not sure what the hell I'm talking about? Go HERE

The BookTubeAThon takes place from July 14 to July 20. 

I'll be trying to polish off some of the books I'm in the middle of. Namely, Cranford, by Elizabeth Gaskell; Eating Wildly, by Ava Chin; and I'd like to dig into a new review book, Horrorstor, by Grady Hendrix

There are quite a few optional reading and video challenges this time around, so I'll be attempting to complete the ones in red. 

The Reading Challenges:
  1. A book with pictures.
  2. Start and finish a series.
  3. A book with red on the cover.
  4. A book someone else picks out for you.
  5. A book from the genre you've read the least this year.
  6. A book to movie adaptation
  7. Read seven books.
The Video Challenges:
  • Day One: Show your top 3 book you read because of BookTube.
  • Day Two: Find the items on three covers.
  • Day Three: Draw a better cover for any book.
  • Day Four: Write a story using all the words from three titles.
  • Day Five: Make a rainbow of your favourite books.
  • Day Six: Find 5 things from one of the books you've read this week.
  • Day Seven: Show us where you've read during the BookTubeaThon
See you on the flip-side! Let's #BookTubeaThon!


  1. Woo hoo! Good luck!!

    Also: I LOVE the cover of Horrorstor!

  2. Enjoy, I won't be doing this one, but I will be checking your updates :)

  3. Draw a better cover?! hahaha I wouldn't try to attempt that one, either. LOL

  4. This sounds fun but also totally intimidating. Book Tube! Intimidating! I'd much rather watch. :) Maybe if I have a lot of nerve that week!

    1. LOL! There's definitely plenty to watch. Lots of TBR videos going up!

  5. Ooh, I'm interested to hear what you think of Horrorstor! I was offered it for review but I'm kind of a scaredy cat and I didn't want to review something that I might be too chicken to read so I said no. That being said, it sounds super interesting so my curiosity is definitely piqued!

    1. I started reading a few pages, and it's a terribly ominous idea! A store like Ikea is so generic and blank. The fact that it's going to get horrory is kind of ...scary! lol

    2. That's so true! I just know I'll never see Ikea in the same way if I read it.... *shivers*

    3. LOL, you really won't! I admire, I started it early (and I'll probably finish today). Pretty interesting mix of freaky and cheesy so far!

    4. *admit...not admire

  6. I'm so in the mood for making videos, but my previous one was a failure, unfortunately. Maybe I'll try to make a video tomorrow! Good luck with the challenges and have fun :D


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