Thursday, April 09, 2015

15 Books in 30 Days

I don't think it's any secret that the book slumping in my life has been SERIOUS. And it's been over a year that I've felt a struggle to read. That is, I sit down with a book and I have trouble sinking into it. There's a lot of "word word word" on the page, with serious emotional connections being few and far between.

I've found solace in short works, comics mostly. But I do miss sitting down with prose, so after learning about Jenny from Adultishbooks' 30 books in 30 days project, I decided to spin this idea to fit into my schedule.

I'm tackling a 15 books in 30 days (#15in30) challenge. With lots of birthdays, travel, and events in April, I think it's far more likely I can swing a book every two days than a book a day. Here's my plan:

  • Graphic novels, novels, and novellas of 200ish pages or less
  • Most of my reading will happen at work during lunch, breaks, and in the evening
  • Weekends rule! I have no problem wiping out two or three books in a weekend to free up some weekday wiggle room
  • Readathon is April 25, so that's a built-in boost
It might sound extreme to some of you that I'm "forcing" myself to read x number of books, but my problem lately is that I often don't prioritize my reading, and I need something to help me get back in the groove. I really miss it, and I need a jolt. 

My project officially started on the evening of April 6, and I've already completed my first book:

The Red Notebook, by Antoine Laurain, was a charmer! Liberty described it best as, "While You Were Sleeping in Paris!" 

Next up:

They're both going to get read, I'm just not sure which order. 

I got some amazing short book recommendations on Twitter, but I'd love to gather some more, so be sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments. 

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