Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dewey's TBR and Behind the Scenes at the Readathon, Part 3!

This is the final check-in before the Readathon on October 17! This has been quite an exciting planning season with lots of last-minute developments to squeeee over!

Google Docs gave me a good scare. There was an hour or two last Friday when it said all of our response spreadsheets were gone! Gaaaahhhh!

The Cohost Master Spreadsheet is almost done. This is a giant sheet that breaks the event down by hours and includes the host on duty (Heather or myself), the co-host who is running 24HourReadathon.com as well as their contact info. It also houses every hour's mini-challenge title, that person's contact info, and their challenge permalink. Finally, it lists all of the hourly prize winners so we can verify their winnings when they fill out the prize claim form.

I sent out an email to all of our co-hosts with all the info they need.

Mini-challenges are squared away! We had more than we needed so we asked some of the contributors to tweak their challenges to fit the needs of the Goodreads group.

I put out a very honest post on Friday about prizes. We will likely continue to cut back on prizes in future events, and that's OK. And then all the donations exploded and nevermind.

The Prizes page is updated!

Permalinks for the event mini-challenges are starting to filter in via email!

All of our warm-up posts spots are full and started on Monday!

The reader sign-up numbers continue to rise! We're right about 700 as of this posting.

Luckily, so do the cheerleader participants. 80 so far!

Hourly post templates for every hour of the Readathon have been created and the names of the hourly challenges are loaded (but still need to be linked).

All of our co-hosts have had Wordpress accounts created. When we switched domains behind the scenes we had to re-do this.

We've scheduled some Twitter helpers for the week leading up to the Readathon since Heather and I are often busy in the evenings with spreadsheets and last minute details.

Today Book Riot featured us and our traffic went through the roof!

We got a CRAZY prize donation from Playster!

And we got an email from a potential partner that made me do this...

Basically, Heather and I just sat around and texted OMG OMG OMG OMG back and forth. We'll tell you more about it on Thursday! 

Finally....my ridiculous TBR...

And if you wanna know more about it...



  1. I swear Andi, y'all just get more amazing at this every year!!!!! I'm really really bummed....I had some bad news this past week and I'm not going to be able to do the readathon on Saturday because I have other obligations now, but I'll be thinking of y'all and if I can join in during the wee hours of the night for a bit, I definitely will!!!! Thank y'all for keeping this awesome in Dewey's memory :D She'd be so freaking proud!

  2. Woohhooo exciting stuff! I may actually make it - in and out throughout the day - for the readathon. WOOT! :)

  3. I think I'm going to be working all day, but I'll definitely be checking in and doing some informal cheering. No twitter jail for me this year -- I hope.

  4. Though I've never participated in Dewey's (though not for lack of wanting!), I look forward to watching you and other bloggers/vloggers I love prepare and participate! That picture of you is epic and wonderful :). I think you'll love Spinster and I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  5. I almost forgot to sign up!!!I've been prepping for a week and almost forgot to sign up!!! Whew. That was close.

  6. So totally fun! Thanks for all your great enthusiasm.

  7. I had so much fun reading the behind the scenes post! Man, there is a ton of work. Not that I didn't think there was, but it's still something reading about it all. Thanks for posting these.


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