Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Play on Playster

Playster provided me with a free 7-day trial to check out their service in consideration of a review. 

Books, movies, TV, music, games...a chunk of the media most people access electronically. Playster has rolled all these types of media into one easy-to-access service.

This is a new platform, still in Beta, and I thought the actual user interaction with their website was excellent and really bug-free for a new service like this. I had no issues searching, browsing, saving, and consuming all of the types of media they promise with no issues whatsoever. The platform is intuitive and makes it easy to find and save the items that catch your eye.

The only downside to the service, a direct by-product of its being so new, is a small selection of media. They have some big deals with publishers, and the book section was probably the most fleshed out of the media types. I had a harder time finding things of interest in TV, movies, and music.

At a cost of $24.95 per month it's a service I might consider if they are able to bring up the quality of their TV and movie offerings, the other media I currently stream via other platforms.

I've also been told that they have recently launched audiobooks! I haven't had a chance to try those out, but given the restrictions in Scribd audiobooks recently, this might be worth pursuing for you audiobook junkies.

Thanks to Playster for the chance to take a gander at their service!


  1. I was invited to check this out and the first thing I noticed was the limited selection. They'll definitely have to add more content for me to get excited about it!

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  3. I was invited to check it out, too, and I had a few issues with it. My experience was actually super buggy and I thought it wasn't organized enough, even with the limited selection. Also, on several of the books the print was cut off on the right side. I think it will be a better experience once they work out all the kinks!


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