Saturday, May 21, 2016

#FitReaders: Week of May 15, 2016

Hey hey #FitReaders! I'm transitioning to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday running schedule since it makes more "sense" to me than what I've been doing (Monday, Thursday, Saturday). This week was a little wonky with kiddo's school Track and Field Day yesterday, and his dad couldn't do the normal meet up on Friday evening, so I had to postpone today's run to tomorrow.  I had enough blazing sun at the field day yesterday to last me a while, so I'll do a long, easy walk tonight when it's cooler and pick back up with running in the morning. It's all still getting squished in.

I'm happy to report that those C25K Week 3 intervals that were giving me such a hard time last week were consistently doable this week, so I'll be stepping up to C25K Week 4 on Tuesday.

What's shakin' with you? 

Sunday 7,862 (rest day)
Monday 15,381
Tuesday 13,665
Wednesday 13,197
Thursday 13,453
Friday 12,096
Saturday TBA

Active Minutes
Sunday 0 (rest day)
Monday 67
Tuesday 62
Wednesday 56
Thursday 43
Friday "0" (Whatever, FitBit. Track and Field from 8am to 3pm.)
Saturday TBA


  1. You're doing great, girl! Awesomeness! I did not make it to the gym ONCE this week. I did go to PT twice and worked out on the Wii Fit, but only for 10 minutes. I have been either super busy or super tired after being super busy. I miss the gym, though. I miss the high from working out. The good kind of pain and fatigue! There is such a difference. I'm going to get back on track this week.

  2. Woo hoo! You are rockin' it!!

  3. Yay!!! Wasn't it a great feeling to make it through those intervals that gave you so much trouble last week?! Keep it going!

  4. Woo had an awesome week, Andi!!! I hate how the fitbit decides when it's going to track something and when it's annoying! I was at the old elementary school I used to work at on Friday for their Mini-Marathon Day and while I was doing a lot of walking around, it didn't really count any of that as active minutes either...oh well! Hope you have a great week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  5. Yay, you!! I hope you continue to meet your goals and kick butt. :)

  6. Yea!! Glad you were able to get those intervals down this week! And great job with the step counts.

    Today Fitbit gave me 7 minutes of "Activity" when I was helping during coffee hour at church. Sometimes it is just wonky, right?

  7. So happy to hear repeating week three is working out for you because I am repeating it this week as well! I definitely struggled too much with it to move forward yet, but I am being patient with myself!

  8. WOO HOO! Keep up the great work, Andi!!


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