Monday, March 27, 2017

Doable Daily Action and a Catch-Up

Well hello there! It's Monday, I'm sitting here with my second cup of coffee. My husband is out of town, I got kiddo to school successfully, and I'm thinking about my day.

My night classes are on break for another week. Somehow just knowing I don't have to commute an hour each way in the evening makes the day seem so much longer and filled to the brim with productivity opportunities. I woke up with a bitchin' headache and my allergies are trying to kill me, so I called in to my morning classes in favor of having them do work online today. Again, the day feels so LONG.

I have a mind to do some grading today. I'm perpetually behind. Can I get an AMEN from my fellow educators out there? I also need to begin doing some bits and bobs for a new online class that starts next week. Stuff. So much stuff. And stickers, but I won't even go into those specifics right now.

But really, this post is supposed to be less about mundane bullshit and more about specific mundane bullshit. Ever since the election, I've begun daily action. Do I skip days? Yes. Do I forget days? Yes. But more often than not, I'm calling my representatives to bug them about something or other--an appointment hearing, a bill. Because I am progressive-in-Texas, more often than not, I'm calling to oppose something that I have no faith my representatives will actually oppose. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised.

When I started this process, like so many of us, I was on fire about EVERYTHING. I could literally feel my heart rate rising and my anxiety kicking up the further I read through the news. Now, I've upped my anxiety meds and fallen into a groove of things that I do, and it's a lot easier. It's a part of my day. It's fairly mundane but important. It's an adulting step just like doing work or cleaning the house.

Here's a quick list of the things I do. This is less about patting myself on the back (I have a headache and I can't reach) and more about hoping it'll help you fall into your own groove:

  • I skim through the news to see what fresh hell is brewing. I prefer the New York Times Daily Briefing which is delivered to my inbox. Or, if I'm already on Facebook, I'll zip over to the Washington Post's page to see what's shaking. 
  • I usually have an idea of what I want to call about as I'll hit on the latest thing or I'll cycle through a few issues, but if I need help, a reminder, a script, I'll go over to CallThemIn because it's so damn easy. Script, check! Input your ZIP and get your reps' phone numbers, check! 
  • If I'm floundering for something to do/say, I'll also check out the "Do a Thing" tiny letter. Also delivered to my inbox. 
  • I have my representatives on speed dial. No, literally. I told my husband a couple of months ago that I was putting John Cornyn and Ted Cruz into my "favorites" call list so they'd be close at hand. I guess he didn't listen or didn't take me seriously because when he actually picked up my phone and went to the faves (I think he was calling my mom), he laughed out loud. THEY ARE LITERALLY ON SPEED DIAL.
  • Because I like to call them in the morning...when I'm sitting down with coffee, before I'm completely coherent, sliding into my day, and before their voicemails are full (except you, John Cornyn, I see you). 
  • I also added all of their addresses (US, State) to my planner because I'm trying to write more postcards when I have spare moments. 
So that's it. That's how I've kinda/sorta streamlined contacting my representatives on the daily. Because hey, if Trump can be president, I can be politically engaged forever and ever amen. Because every voice matters. 

Go raise some hell. 

OH, and before I forget, Daily Action has a way of reminding me of things I forgot. I follow them on Facebook and LOVE THEM HARD. 


  1. We've been calling, emailing, and tweeting too and our senator has been swayed on a few issues!

  2. You make me so happy, Andi. Thanks for all this -- I'm going to model my day around these fab suggestions. #NeverthelessShePersisted

    1. Hahah, you make me happy too, Audra! I'm glad these are helpful! It's driven me nuts until I found a system that works for me.

  3. Bravo! You are inspiring (again)!

  4. I've been enjoying "What the F*ck Just Happened Today?" (

    It's a daily roundup of the things that have happened in Washington with links out to various sources. It's a really good aggregator :)

    1. This is AMAAAAAAAZING! Signed up!

  5. Ahhhh! I'm so proud of you for staying strong down there, Andi; it's tough, knowing that your voice will likely go against the majority, but I do think it's making a difference. I'm thankful for my local representative, one of the only "blue" folks in our state legislature (and a woman!), because she supports the things I do, for the most part. I regularly call her office just to say thanks. I make other calls and emails, as well, but they often feel wasted; I need to remember that every little bit helps, right? KUDOS, MY FRIEND!

  6. I got so discouraged by the AHCA, knowing that my rep sponsored the damn bill that I stopped making calls. I need to make it part of my routine too. Except I still get tongue-tied when I call - even with a script. My fear of sounding like I am reading something outweighs my fear of saying something original, and I usually end up sounding like an ass. Another reason I stopped making phone calls. Shame on me.

  7. I spend more time behind with grading than I am caught up. Last semester I did some English-teacher math and figured I probably spent an average of 15 hours a week grading. And we have a board member right now who thinks we are paid too much. AS IF!

  8. I give you so much credit for having Ted Cruz on speed dial! It makes my skin crawl to even think about him- as if his number could infect your phone. Kudos to you for continuing to resist. I'm doing the same kind of thing but Washington state has declared itself so loudly to be in opposition that there is almost nothing to do locally. So, I support national organizations and initiatives.

    I'll have to try the NYT Daily Briefing. I get the one from The Guardian in London- just to see how the international community is responding to what's happening here. I've found it to be really useful.


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