Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Starting 2018 Strong: #ReadingBlackout, #ReadSoulLit, and Drinks in the Library

If you're into challenges and reading projects, these two complement each other beautifully. Didi from BrownGirlReading hosts #ReadSoulLit every February in honor of Black History Month, and ArtBooksLive Denise D. Cooper is doing #ReadingBlackout by exclusively reading African-American authors in 2018.

Like Didi said, "Don't say it's hard."

Learn more at Didi's blog or Instagram and Denise's channel.

I'm planning to exclusively read African-American authors from January to March (thanks for that idea, Didi!), and you should watch for a Black History Month collab with Didi coming to WreckingBallDesign soon.

I'll be back with a sneak peak of my TBR for this Saturday's live stream. 

Drinks in the Library Livestream estellasrevenge
OH RIGHT, I should tell you about the livestream. Join me for an ongoing streaming series called Drinks in the Library. I have a page for it linked at the top of the blog with a public Google Calendar to see the upcoming dates. The first official installment will be Saturday at 2pm (Central) on my blog's publically-available Facebook page.

I hope I'll see you there to chat!


  1. Oh fun, I'll try to see you for Drinks in the Library!

  2. Awesome! Thanks, Iliana!

  3. Love it! I have some awesome recommendations if you need any.

    1. I am ALWAYS game for recommendations!

  4. This sounds like a great reading goal! I'm excited to hear about your next few months of reading :)


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