Friday, July 28, 2006


Oh. My. God.

From this point forward I have issues with vodka.

My head is going to hate me today.


Listening: "DOA"...Foo Fighters


  1. Time to switch to tequilla.

  2. The only way that I can tell that I'm still alive is because of the throbbing pain in my head. The visit to the optometrist this morning was not really all that much fun either.

    Good times.

    Double shots of vodka is not always the best idea.

  3. Jeremy, it's only worth it if it hurts.

    Not really at all, but it sounded good for a moment.

  4. E., vodka is most definitely not the shit. GP wanted cherry vodka sours tonight for the hanging out, but somehow I don't think I'm gonna be mixin' those lil puppies any time soon.

    Cold, so very eeek.

  5. Sounds like a bunch of lightweights to me! Ah, but you're all kids. You'll learn!

    Hope the headache doesn't last too long!

  6. Beer! beer is good for hangovers :)

  7. Giggle. This is me in the morning.

    And how do you make a cherry vodka sour? Sounds yummy.

  8. Okay I meant to say "This SOUNDS like me in the morning." As in tomorrow morning. Long day and it's Godawful hot. 100+ heat index in NC with 100% humidity! Aren't you glad you're not here?

  9. Os, I'm giving you the virtual finger all in good fun. *waves it around*

    Kitty...*urp*. I'm not a beer person unfortunately. I'm beginning to feel human again after a long morning of sleeping and a quick round on the elliptical. Endorphins are a wonderful thing.

    Holy crap, Heather. I'm counting my lucky stars that I'm not there. Humidity and Andi don't mix. A cherry vodka sour is super easy: 1 part vodka, one part sweet and sour mix, and a hefty slosh of grenadine syrup. They're amazingly wonderfully good and go down like koolaid (dangerous). Last night I was drinking vodka and fresca. Another easy to drink combo that will knock you flat on your ass.

  10. Thankyou, Andi. you've actually made me feel slightly better that I'm grounded and therefore cannot go to a party tonight and get pissed.

    Only slightly, though.

  11. Andi. Monday. July 31. 8 pm. Hugh Laurie. Inside the Actor's Studio. AH!!!

  12. GG, awww. Hope the grounding isn't too horrible.

    Heather, thanks!! I don't have Bravo, but I'll have my friend tivo it for me!

  13. Vodka said some things it didn't mean. You said some things you didn't mean.
    Someday you'll learn to love again.

  14. Kat, the vodka meant every word of it! Right up until I yakked.


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