Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another "fuck" post.

Fuck stupid people and the horses they ride in on.
Fuck the inconsiderate and unruly.
Fuck websites and their completely moronic designers.
Fuck Filezilla for helping make my life miserable today.
Fuck Texas heat.
Fuck nosy people.
Fuck burnout.
Fuck depression.
Fuck misanthropy.
Fuck insomnia.

Fuck fuck FUCK.

The only thing keeping me from taking to the top of the clock tower with a sniper rifle? The Garden State soundtrack.

Note: If you think this post is about you, it's not. It's not pointed at anyone in "real life" or the blogosphere save one putzy professor.


  1. Hello honey. I get so tired of not saying fuck at work that I say it about 25 times whenever anyone leaves the room.

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    Or, when I'm really desperate...fucking fuckhead motherfucking fucking idiots.

    Sorry. I needed to let off steam.


  2. Non, luckily I get to drop the f-bomb at work all I want (when there aren't students around). When I taught high school whenever I got home it was a like a tourette's storm. Fuck suck nut bitch bastard shithead cuntrag. You get the point. It feels goood.

  3. Garden State soundtrack can help ease the pain.

    i listen to Remy Zero's Fall over and over again.

  4. I really like Remy Zero. Haven't listened to them in a long time, but I'm lookin' forward to putting "Fall" on repeat.

  5. Pretty much my weekend in a nutshell. Bad day, Andi?

  6. Frustrating day, Nancy. Very frustrating. Here's hoping the week improves. :)

  7. So, if your CD playr breaks, will we be reading about you on the news?

  8. Dr. Claw could have taken care of all of this for you.

  9. X, could be.

    Os, I don't think even Dr. Claw could help me now. ;)

  10. who is the putzy professor? I must know. e-mail it to me perty please. I have been out of the loop since I am taking a class over in the history department.

  11. Sometimes one must scream profanity in order to resolve tension. I know the feeling. I have to squelch it around my son and it tends to build up after a while.

  12. Well, I was about to email you to check on you, havne't seen you much online lately, but I think I'll just leave you alone for now ;)

    Hope fucking things look the fuck up fucking soon hon.

  13. Couldn't agree with you more about that fuckin' Texas heat. We were only in Fort Worth for a couple of years, but it about killed me. Not that Nebraska's any better, but at least it cools off at night.

    I'm with Heather. Have a cookie. Oh, what the hell, eat the whole bag!

  14. Best fucking soundtrack ever.

  15. What you really need is to go find Ewan McGregor and get him to record this post.

  16. That's my attitude every day.

  17. FUCK. Fuck. FUCK. Fuck FUCK!

  18. Yep, hope this one's a better week for you. So far, I'm batting out. I've still got horrible stomach cramps from the bad fish, we went out to eat and came within inches of hitting a deer on the way home (could be worse, though - I'd be the dead one if it went through the windshield) and I dropped a glass bowl as I hobbled around the kitchen on blistered feet (should have worn the other shoes). At least it was just me and not a bunch of idiots driving me nuts. :)

  19. Fem, it's none other than our reddish haired fearless leader. Although I use "leader" loosely.

    Beth, we should get together and yell fuck. That would be fun!

    Heatheroo, you make me giggle. E-mail me anyyyy time you want. Things were better today. Because sucking at pool is my new favorite pasttime.

    Heatherina, I need an army of cookies, but my ass disagrees. I might as well glue them to my thighs.

    Les, I like the way you think re: the whole bag. Texas heat is so oppressive and icky. I hate getting a case of sweaty butt simply from sitting in my car (damn leather seats). It did rain today, though. Everyone sort of sat around and stared at the strange phenomenon.

    Cold, and I hope it isn't fun for 'em.

    Lulu, amen!

    Fence, you're fucking brilliant!!! I love Ewan, and no one fucks better than he does.

    Kat, we must be related somewhere down the line. *smoochies*

    NonGF, fuckety fuck!

    Dale, fuuuuck.

    HOly crap, Nancy. I think you have it worse than I do. I'm just antisocial.


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