Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brain Dump

I broke my toe!

OK, not really. The dramatic part of me that freaks out when I'm injured in some way (like the time I thought cockroaches or spiders had multiplied by the thousands in my ear and it turned out to be swim ear) wants to scream "I broke it!"...but I probably just bruised the hell out of it. Thesis director has a beautiful contemporary bedroom set, but the downside is the sizeable silver legs that stick out and catch little piggies as they pass by on the way to the bathroom.

Watched both of my first Netflix movies last night (lemme know if you Netflix and I'll add you to my friends list and mooch your recommendations). The first one was Maybe Baby, starring Hugh Laurie, ('gasm), and the second was Long Way Round, the documentary of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Booran traveling 20,000 miles on motorcycles from London to New York. Both very interesting, and if you'd like more info click to check out the MySpace blog.

In other news, I've still not written a damn word on this journal article that's due on the 24th. Well, if you count the chicken scratch I have written in margins and on sticky notes. It's shaping up nicely (I think) in my head, though. That's gotta count for something. I am devoted to the idea of whipping out the laptop in a few minutes and beginning to write my diatribe on the adaptation of children's texts to film and their transformation from stories for children to a sort of cross-bred ambivalent text that caters to adults (think Shrek, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). And the resulting ideological shift, of course. Waaa waaa waaa (Charlie Brown's teacher).

Got the key to my office today! I'll be sharing an office with Elise this coming school year. We got one that's tucked away nicely on the first floor. Mayyybe I'll be able to get some work done there. But I doubt it. In the end, it's just nice to not be homeless.

New project on the sidebar:
Gypsy Poet and I, along with another friend that doesn't do the Blogger thing (waves at Wenchie's livejournal) have started the Tom Hollander fanlisting. If you don't know Tom Hollander, shame on you! He was the asshat, Beckett, in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. He was also in the new Pride & Prejudice as Mr. Collins, and he played the MOST adorable part in a British flick called Bedrooms & Hallways (and he was in The Libertine, Possession, Gosford Park, etc. Anyhoo, we love him, and the page is up. Just click on the little button under the 'zine button on the sidebar. GP did the design, and it's gorrrgeous.

OK, I'm tearing myself away from the 'puter now. Eating my Sonic burger. Gonna work. Gotta work. Then gonna go work out.

Peace and messy love.

Listening: "Ride"....Cary Brothers (addicted to this song, people)...Last Kiss soundtrack again. Love it.


  1. ooooooo I hate snagging the little piggies on metal like that! Ouch!

    You'll do fine with your paper, natch.

    And oh yummy, Sonic Burger...gawd I need real food! *sigh*

  2. I don't even know Elise, and I can see trouble brewing by sharing an office!

  3. hey, how do I find out where my office is? Have you gotten your book for 101 yet? I am so behind things concerning the WC and all. All I can think about right now is cleaning my house. There are some very disturbing things happening under the bed, behind the books, and in the batheroom. I hope I survive. I am afraid that the dust and dirt will do me in. Call out the search party if I am not there for orientation.

  4. I love Charlie Brown.
    And I would love to have my own office.

  5. Vixen, it hurts like a bitch! I was gonna work out this afternoon and the incessent bouncing was a very bad thing, so I took a nap instead. And the burger was yummyyy!

    Os, Elise is linked on my sidebar. I sucked her into the blogaverse about a year ago. Woot!

    Fem, your office key is currently in your box. We got an e-mail a week or so ago saying that the books for 101 are running late, but they printed unbound copies we can use in the meantime. They're in the office.

    Kat, I think I'll lurv it too. Elise and I are going to Target to shop for cute crap.

  6. If your toe swells up and looks like a small plum, it's probably broken. Rule of thumb, there. I broke a toe once, but the then-boyfriend (now husband) refused to take me to the student hospital and when it finally healed it looked . . . pregnant. Or like a little mini-hunchback toe. So, if it's purple and gigantic, give it ice and tape it to the next toe. Poor toe. I feel for you.

  7. Welp, it's neither purple nor pregnant, so I think I'm in the clear. However, it did hurt wayyyy too much to do interval training tonight, and I yelp when I walk quite often. Thank goodness for sandals so I don't have to squish it into a shoe.

    And I love that pic! You look exactly like I thought you would!

  8. Thanks for the info. I did get the e-mail about the pre-press book, but I thought I saw something about August 15. Maybe that was the aimed for date or something and it missed. I wonder who my office buddy is. I want to be with you guys! I promise I would behave and you know how much I clean and I go to to the Whole Foods Market- can't top that haha. Besides, I wanted to get in on running the meth lab in the old Mayo building with yall. I need money for a new computer. Anyway, sorry to hear about toe. We have numerous toe killers in our house. You have to walk like a Japenese woman wearing a kimono in our house. Whelp, TTFN

  9. You know, I just thought about what I said-the meth lab. Everyone, I am just kidding.

  10. Ouch. Why is it that toes feel so much pain? You'd think they'd be well used to bumping into things.

  11. Fem, I think you're upstairs with Goose and Iris. That should be a fun office! I'll come up and visit often. Not sure about the 15th thing. I haven't heard any more about it.

    Fence, you would think so! I have wimpy toes I think.

  12. Andi my toes are also very sensitive. It is kind of weird, I had four children without any pain killers, but a piece of cotton could fall on my toes and it's all over. Ok, coolness that I am with Iris and Goose and please do visit us in our office, I don't want the fellowship to dismantle-we have such fun. Can we do what we want with the office? If so, then I may do a Greek motif with a touch of 60s psychodelic. What do you think? I may erect an alter heehee.

  13. LOL, as far as I know we can decorate as we see fit. I think the altar is a smashing idea!

  14. Glad your toe is not plum-like, Andi.

    You expected a fat blonde? LOL That's me, signed in under my Alaska pic blog identity (which is, oddly, my real self). I've got a third blog, now, too. Gettin' weird.

    Sandals are God's gift to the people who live in the heat. He probably had no idea we're all klutzes, to boot. :)

  15. hey, you know it kind sounds like a fairy tale story doesn't it- Iris, the witch and the goose.

  16. LOL, Nancy--speaking from experience as a fat blonde, you're NOT fat. You're adorable and I had pictured a curly blonde with a sweet face (and mischievous). :)

    Fem, it does sound like a fairy tale! You made me cackle!

  17. I am greatly devoted to netflix. Be my buddy!!!

    Sorry about your toe, that has to hurt.

    Your article sounds interesting. It would be neat to see how that all works out. When I look back on cartoons I watched as a child, I see all these double meanings and little jokes that were ment for the adults. Yet, they fly right over the child's head. Should be a great topic.

  18. Nicky, yay another buddy! I've gotta take my car to the shop this morning, but I'll add you when I get home (if I can figure out how).

    And I hope the article turns out well. The topic gets discussed a lot, but not as much in reference to film and children's stories in particular. So hopefully I can buff it into something publishable eventually.

  19. I've broken my toes several times (2 or 3 times for the big toe on my left foot, and once for the baby toe -- same foot). Hurt like heck!!! And, it was black and blue! The sucky thing about a broken toe is they can't do a darn thing for it! :-?

    Hope you heal quickly! :-?

    <>< Mizbooks

  20. Wow, Miz! That's a lot of toe breakin'. If I were you I might adopt a permanent set of shoes! lol

    Thanks for the well wishes. It still hurts a bit, but never turned blue.

  21. Oh, gosh, Andi - sweet face and mischievous? That sounds so much better than fat blonde. LOL I'll take it and stick that in my warm fuzzy file. Thanks.

    I do need to lose weight, though. I'm waiting for God to bring a cold front so I can go back to the park and run my fat butt off. :)

  22. Nancy, I've taken to Gazelling inside or doing interval training (walking/running) via tape or indoor track. I'm NOT fond of the heat, and it's disheartening when the 104 degree weather sucks out my willpower and all the moisture in my body before I'm ready to quit!


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