Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dr. Claw, I love you...

I went to Google with the intention of finding the most vile, disgusting picture to announce the arrival of the monthly bane of my existence, but oddly enough, it didn't work out that way. I typed "on the rag" into the google image search and one of the first results was this:

While he looks rather unpleasant and possibly raggy, those of you well-versed in film (or who have seen Charlie's Angels or Back to the Future) will recognize Crispin Glover. Also known as the Creepy Thin Man or Mr. McFly--among other crazy characters.

While he has nothing to do with my period or my cramps or the illustrious Dr. Claw, I think he's oddly attractive and shall leave him here to grace this otherwise not-as-creepy-as-it-could've-been post.

Watching: Garden State


  1. God bless Google! I don't think I could have handled anything else. Other than maybe the box that Dr. Claw comes in. So to speak.

    (that was sort of unnecessary, wasn't it?)

  2. Omigod! This is totally irrelevant to your actual post but how much do you love Garden state?! Is it or is it not the coolest movie ever, (disregarding Bill and Ted, Chicago and several other movies)!

    (Feel free to slap me out of my Garden State inspired frenzy)

  3. i think he's weirdly attractive, too.

    Garden State has the best soundtrack ever.

  4. The Garden State Soundtrack is fucking GENIUS!!!

    And I think my period actually feels like that picture looks, nice job.

  5. He is definitely on the rag. That may be the only time I'm allowed to use that expression.

  6. I recognize Mr. Glover from his tour de force performance as the titular character in the way awesome remake of "Willard."

  7. Os, you couldn't have handled anything else. I assure you.

    GG, I love Garden State. Love it. Watching it for the 2nd time in as many days. Zach Braff is a new celeb crush fo'sho.

    Isn't he, LE? It is a great soundtrack. Downloading now.

    Lulu, glad your period can relate. Mine certainly can. And yes, I looove the soundtrack.

    Dale, revel in this "on the rag" moment.

    Goose, I haven't seen it, but I remember seeing snippets of that movie somewhere. Will have to hunt it down. Mr. Glover is a sexy bitch.

  8. Now every time I watch Back to the Future I'll somehow think of the monthly flow. Hmm.

  9. Andi, I'm so glad you're keeping track.

    I've had to become really creative in finding "Cotton Pony: Mounted" images.

  10. I love Braff, but Peter Saaaarsgaaaard is amazing, too.

  11. And the lady who sings "Three Times a Lady" at the funeral. I love her.

  12. DLou, your cotton pony images are amazing. I bow down to your bloody creativity.

    Peter Sarsgaard sets my panties aflame. I think it's his aloof, stoned, half-retarded eyes. They're so bedroomy.

    OMG, the 3x's a lady lady is the best. And the wallpaper shirt is pure brilliance.


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