Monday, August 14, 2006

Sooo Monday...

After a grand total of 4 hours sleep, I hobbled out of bed, finished throwing my clothes and books and papers in bags, loaded Scooby up in the car to go to the vet, and I was off and runnin'.

Then I got rear-ended at a stoplight.

Happy Monday!

It was some crotchety old bitch with bouffant hair and pink sunglasses the size of grapefruits. Luckily for her there wasn't any new damage. Her car basically put an extra black smudge where my bumper was already effed up from last year's accident. Otherwise I would've taken her big Texas hair to the bank.

As of now, I'm holed up in Thesis Director's office. I've printed out a massive amount of research, and now I have to read it. I'll probably stay here for a few more hours, attempt to drag myself away from YouTube, MySpace, and in an effort to get some reading done, and hopefully I can start writing tomorrow.

Tonight I'm having dinner with my friend Amanda at Molina's. After that I might have to make my way to the pub to sharpen my pool skills.

Or maybe I'll just watch 30-Minute Meals since I'm recording it--as we speak--on Thesis Director's DVR. Woot! Doesn't take much to thrill me, folks.

Listening: "Chocolate"...
The Last Kiss soundtrack

Edit: 9:43 pm....There's something unavoidably odd about blogging from a professor's bed. Oh well, such is the life of a housesitter. Semi-productive day. I managed to find quite a bit of research stuff, worked out, had dinner with Amanda, and am now kicked back in bed watching all the episodes of 30-Min. Meals that I recorded. Life is good. Will be getting up early to read and write in the morning.

G'nite my lovelies!

Listening: "Kissing the Lipless"...The Shins


  1. Such a loverly way to start off the work week being rear-ended by an old broad in a puffed up hair do. Gawd, please, seriously kill me if I ever get like that! what age do you consider us broads old, anyway? Hmm??

    Hope you have a fantastic night!

  2. Aww you poor dear :(

    Also, pink sunglasses, ewwwwww!

  3. More details. Did she acknowledge it was her fault? Did she seem sorry at all? Did you smack the bitch up?

  4. Aw, Andi, you should have just punched her for hitting your car. Kidding. Sorry you were rear-ended. That sucks.

    I'm glad to be back to reading your blog, after a week of trying to just keep afloat with a kid just starting high school. I so missed your writing. I've been just skimming and saw Texas is hot in a dry way (yeah, typical - I'm from Oklahoma and I've been to Texas on plenty of hundred-teen occasions), you survived a baby shower (raising hand as one of the dummies who married at 19 and had a kid at 22), and I need to check out your latest zine entry. Oh, so behind. I just love your blog. Have I told you that?

  5. My thoughts exactly, Vix. No odder (is that a word?) way to start a Monday. It really pissed off my schnauzer, I'll tell ya that. And I don't have a specific age for "old"...I just know she was too damn old for that poofy hairdo. The fantastic night is fantastic so far! There's a cat in my overnight bag.

    GG, thanks. The pink sunglasses took me aback a bit. I sort of thought she might not be of this planet.

    Todd, she did seem sorry and she apologized profusely. She sort of stood at my side wringing her hands as I stood behind my car glaring at the bumper. I felt control! In fact, when she bumped me at the light, I was so surprised I glared at her in the rearview and did my hands in the "what the fuck?" motion. I think I intimidated her a bit. As well it should be. Whahahah!

    Nancy, you're right. I should've punched her. lol Glad to see you back! Thanks so much for the compliments on the blog--your words actually made my day. :) Most of the time I feel like I'm simply rambling aimlessly. Or bearing my soul. No in between as of late.

  6. I'm glad you are okay. I've been rear-ended a couple of times and it's not fun.

    Can't wait to hear what goodies you bought bookshopping yesterday!

  7. Your poor beautiful car!

  8. Thanks, Heatheroo. I almost forgot about the books! Glad you mentioned those.

    Beth, thanks, chica. Gonna have to shell out the $$$ to get the poor thing fixed eventually. Probably sooner than later. Luckily, I know a guy. (How very mobster did that sound?)

  9. That granny deserved a smack across the face with a wet fish - luckily you werent hurt!

  10. With a wet fish!!!! Damnit! If I'd only thought of it.

  11. I couldn't get a thing done in my advisor's office. Your's must be considerably neater.

  12. I couldn't get a thing done in my advisor's office. Your's must be considerably neater.

  13. Sorry about the accident. They suck big time!!!

    Although, I do love the mental image of her that you supplied. I'm sorry if I giggled while reading it.

  14. X, it is quite neat and tidy. Although, this damn computer is taking up most of my time. I haven't done a thing today.

    Nicky, giggle away--I did after the fact. She was pretty...interesting. To say the least. :)

  15. Andi,

    It's the soul-baring that I love. You speak your mind. It's cool. Keep it up.

    Glad I made your day. You might like a kind of silly thing I do. I have a "Warm Fuzzies" file. When someone says something (by email) that makes me smile, I stick it in the Warm Fuzzies file and I've got it to look at on a bad day. Which is most days, but we won't go there. And, it doesn't work on the days that my computer is crashing. Should I just shut up, now? ;)

  16. Oh my GOD, I thought I was the only person with a warm fuzzy file!!! I put things that make my day in my journal so I can go back later and read 'em.


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