Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I've posted three times and I've taken the posts right back down again. Nothing interesting to say. Lots on my mind (school, work, existential musings) but nothing I seem to be able to articulate. Conflicted is the new well-adjusted.

I picked The Human Stain back up, and it's amazing. I have a book idea floating roughly around in my head...bumping up against the sides of my skull, making itself known, but I have too many others things to do. It's been stewing roughly since March, so I guess I should let the poor thing out. Still too busy, though.

I just wanna go to sleep.

Listening: "The Prayer"...Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion


  1. You have a great descriptive way with words ... I can't wait for you to put this idea to words for us all to read.

  2. Ohhh Cincy. You flatter me so. And have I mentioned that I'm hella glad you're back?

  3. The Human Stain.. That's Roth right? I've never read any of his novels but everyone seems to find him amazing. I need to look into this one.

    By the way, I just tagged you :)

  4. Bookgirl! I wanted to be tagged. And yes, it's Roth. He's AMAZING!

  5. Meh...I feel like that all the time, Andi. But if nothing else, Andrea Boccelli will have you feeling better! I hope!

  6. Absolutely, Vixen. He has such a byoootiful voice!

  7. can't wait for your book!!! But, relax, just write down the things you think of when you think of them and then come back to it all when you're really ready to make it into something. Good luck!

  8. Book idea? Fiction or non-fiction?

    Let it bubble around for awhile. You'll develop something more concrete in terms of structure and wording after your book idea incubates for awhile.

  9. I say read The Human Stain (which I haven't gotten to, yet, so I'm dying to read your review), watch loads of House, take bubble baths and start writing. Eating chocolate helps, too. But, I really want you to write a book, please, please, please.

  10. Thanks, Bee. :) I've been recording bits and pieces that I think of as I think of them so they aren't lost. Hopefully I can begin to stitch it together sooner or later, but with all the academic writing I do, it's tough to do creative writing too.

    Johnny, is that your mating call?

    X, it's juvenile fiction. I have some adult stuff floating around in my head, too, but I think the juvenile novel is the strongest by far.

    Nancy, I'm most definitely on the right track! WAtching lots and LOTS of House, taking hot showers, working out to keep the endorphins flowing, but not touching the chocolate! Not until November!

  11. Ha! Good for you. Just ogle Hugh some more and you'll be serene in no time.

    No chocolate till November? What happens in November? I think I'd die waiting. When I lost 40 pounds, a few years back, I'd just have one tiny square of chocolate if I had a craving. Probably ought to do that, again. I've been a little too free with the mini Oreos, lately. I blame the ravenous teenager because he's handy and he shops with me. :)

  12. My birthday is November 10th, so I'll probably pig out on cheesecake and chocolate. lol

    I'm on a hardcore diet/workout plan. Low carb and at least 45 mins of high impact cardio a day (more if I have time in the mornings). 7 pounds in 7 days. Woot!

    Coffee seems to kill my cravings...and the occasional piece of low-carb chocolate candy (the truffles are amazing). :D


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