Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There's news afoot....

Oh. my. God. I have a headache so blinding I'm fucking blind. For the second day in a row.
I also have a date this weekend should I choose to accept it--not with the Barrister. With the film/tv/radio guy from the local uni. We'll call him Sod (because he's a Shaun of the Dead fan). Nice guy. Young. Cute. So why am I not sure I wanna go out with him? Oh, I know, because I'm fat!! And while it looks like a family of four has moved out of my pants, I'm still not happy!!
I'm irreversibly fucked up, I fear.
More later. Must go to class and try to look mildly smart.
Listening: Gnarls Barkley in my head
Eating: Lettuce and chicken...South Beach bastards
Edit: The Barrister is back in town!!! Let the e-mails and phone calls commence. *happy dance*
Listening: "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely"...Ricky Martin and Christina Slutulara (Cheesy Musicfest '06 right here in Andi's bedroom)


  1. stop it!! you are lovely!!

    have fun, give us all details afterwards :)

  2. wh is it? do I know him? I know what ou mean about the headache, I have had one all day. I thought that maybe I just needed to eat something since I was powerful hungry. I ate and I still have a stickin' headache. Don't worry about your physique. What they see is what they get and if I was a guy I'd do ya.

  3. Todd, don't tempt me (get over here).

    Soj, thanks chica! I'll let ya know if I go.

    Fem, you don't know him. I'll give you the scoop tomorrow.

  4. He's nice but you are calling him a sod? Fair enough :)

  5. Enh, just go on the date. If you don't like him just smother him with your boobs.

    And being a Shaun of the Dead fan, don't hold it against us. Most of us are good people.

  6. LOL, Fence. I guess it does depend on the context.

    Heatheroo, I asked him to call me yet I haven't heard from him yet. That always weirds me out when guys don't want to call. Makes me think they definitely want to make a skin lamp out of me.

  7. So sorry about the headache. I can so relate; headaches are the worst. Hope you're having a better head day, today.

    You look terrific!! And, anyone who doesn't think so isn't worth going out with.

  8. oh honey, you are spectacular and any man who cant see that is just one big ole jackass.

    last resort, we marry each other and get 63 cats. a life like that cant be all bad....

  9. I find if you act like you have confidence, they don't care if you have a big bootie.
    He probably hasn't called because he's afraid. That happened to me too.

  10. kat hit that preverbal nail on the head...

  11. Nancy, better day but I still have a headache. Blah!

    Kat, true. I act confident to other people, it's just on my blog that I spazz. Never had a problem dating cuties, they just all turn out to be....well. That's another story.

    Cold, right on.

  12. Actually, I think Steph was the one to teach me that.
    Thank you.

  13. Andi...Andi...Andi...you make me laugh. Don't settle. A very smart man said once that "the good is always the enemy of the best."

    Believe it.

    Hang on to it.

  14. Steph is a fountain of knowledge, Kat!

    Thanks, Sir Gollner! And thanks for stopping by!


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