Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where did the night go?

Somehow Saturday melted seamlessly into Sunday with me only catching 2 hours of sleep. Hmmm.

Yesterday was the much-talked-about BYOL (Bring Your Own Lobster) party. Although, few of us actually brought our own lobsters as we preferred to max out Charles' credit card and pay him back later. It was a most-of-the-day event. We wrapped things up around 4:30 in favor of a break before we went to see Hardin Sweaty at Dada.

My friend Amanda--whom I've been friends with since undergrad (2001 or 2002 to be inexact)--came over and we made a night of it along with Elise, Daniel, Jeremy, Charles--and the Goose was playing, of course. We hit up Kyoto for sushi then went over to park ourselves on the patio at Dada until time for Hardin Sweaty to melt our faces off with their rocksmithing.

We'd been eavesdropping on the music from the club next to Dada all night (The Bone), and finally decided to partake of the booty shakin' around 12:30. The girls blazed the trail while the boys finished their Dada beers, and by the time they all made it over to The Bone we were well into the ass wigglin' and had already been sandwiched by a couple of strangers. Much to our utter joy and surprise the lead singer of Hardin Sweaty (Joe) showed up at The Bone for a little ass shakin' of his own and we all ended up in quite a few stacked, gyrating masses of music love. Post-dancing was the obligatory trip to Cafe Brazil for munchies, and while Amanda and I wanted to accept Joe's invite back to his place to hang out, it was already 3:30, Amanda had to be up at 7, and we were dead tired. Another hangout appointment is pending for later today.

Good times were had by all, but the two hours' sleep is a little iffy for me. I feel a nap coming on right here at 8:44am.

Listening: "The Fall"...Hardin Sweaty


  1. your weekend found sounds much more exciting than watching the prez of my alma mater do drunken parrothead dances.

    (pouts in the corner sulkily)

  2. Os, it may be fun, but it's tiring!

    Amanda, now that sounds downright intriguing. Why, pray tell, was your pres doing the drunken parrothead?

  3. Yyaaaaawwwwnnnnnn
    I think I'll join you in a nap. Although, I got 9 and a half hours of sleep last night.

  4. That sounds like fun. I went out Friday but stayed in Saturday.

  5. I took C-dog home early this morning, came back, and have been asleep until about 30 minutes ago.

    Ass-shaking is the shit.

  6. Kat, I've slept alll day, and I just hope I can actually sleep tonight. Otherwise teaching is gonna be a bitch tomorrow.

    Todd, I can't even remember what I did Friday. Memory is the first to go!

    Ass-shaking is most definitely the shit, Elise. We need to do it again soon.

  7. Sounds like fun! The BYOL party is inspired!

    Well, I beat your two hours with 0 hours on Saturday night. Tallie and I stayed up watching musicals and talking all night. That was fun.

    However, I did go to the bf's on Sunday and fall asleep on him, snore loudly and yell at him when he tried to wake me up. And his granny was there. Why, oh why?


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