Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yowl like you're in heat....

So far the experiment is indeed interesting to observe. I've had four winks. I actually e-mailed one guy--GB--web designer, loves sushi, seems to be able to put a complex sentence together, and he hasn't e-mailed back. Had other winks from guys we'll call Audi, Scrodder, and Hitch. Audi e-mailed me this morning....seems nice enough. We might chat later. Scrodder was a sort of greasy-lookin' million-dollar-smile-that-sparkles European man that wanted to show me pics of his wang. Hitch couldn't put a simple sentence together. Hmmmphf. My profile has been viewed 75 times. I looked over the 75 profiles of the 75 guys who viewed mine, and for the most part I was glad they didn't wink or e-mail.

In other news, there's a yowling cat plaguing me. Night before last it was yowling like a banshee early in the evening...8:30ish. HOWEVER, early this morning around 6:30 the yowling was in full, gut-clenching effect. It went on. And on. And on. And ON. Finally, in my sleep-dazed, eyes-half-closed, hair-all-a'fro, half-dressed state, I couldn't take it any longer. I stormed out of my bed, through the kitchen, into the garage where I proceeded to open the garage door and peep out at the hedges in front of my bedroom window. The neighborhood was asleep except for that damn yowling cat which just sat and eyed me like I might be fun for a quick roll in the hedge. I expected him to shit and run for his life at the first grindings of the garage door, but this cat was seriously out for some ass. SO, I began to hunt for something to throw. There was a surprising lack of rocks around anywhere, so I had to be creative. I ruffled through some boxes in the garage until I came away with an American flag on a stick--the type one might use to decorate a cemetary on Veterans' Day--and chased the cat's yowling ass over to the neighbors' house where it could croon without waking me.

And I went back to sleep until 9:30. Farewell horny cat. Don't come yowling at my window again unless you'd like to lose your naughty bits.

Listening: Angst Goes Dancing...mix CD

Reading: The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak


  1. My dogs need a kitten...

    ...except that it probably wouldn't survive a day with those two.

  2. Mmm. True. A cat would be a tasty snack for your dogs.

  3. I see. If you're not getting any, that cat's not either.

    Good luck on your thing. All you need is one good hit.

  4. I met my husband through a personal ad (old-fashioned newspaper, not online). I was terrified to try it because I'd only heard horror stories. I called him because his ad was hilarious--it wasn't anything like the typical ad, and it really showed his personality.

  5. The image of you chasing a cat with a flag genuinely made me laugh out loud. Those yowling cats are the worst. They knock boots on my porch all the time. My porch is like a bath house for stray cats.

  6. Int he month I was with Match, I had exactly 1300 hits. I was soooo glad they didn't like me.

  7. Bethany,
    Puss in boots. haha

  8. I had a yowling cat outside my bedroom window yesterday morning, too. And, a cat fight. My cats were indoors looking perplexed at all that ridiculous noise. It was kind of cute, except for the rude awakening part.

  9. hmmm this thing sounds interesting!!! its all fun and games!

  10. X, exactly right! Had a couple of good winks last night.

    Purl, it's good to hear that there's hope!! A british lawyer e-mailed me last night. And tall too! Woot!

    Beth, a bath house for stray cats!!!! That made me laugh out loud. The yowling happened again last night, but the cat is officially caught!

    LOL, Kat! I'm up to 175 hits, and yes, I'm still thanking my lucky stars for the most part.

    Nancy, my dogs do much the same. If they hear other dogs outside it's completely perplexing for them.

    Amen, AMS!


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