Monday, November 06, 2006

Catching Up

I survived the weekend and I assure you it was quite an accomplishment.

Friday night was a meeting of the minds at E's house (really, a school type thing) but afterwards we usually stay and drink ourselves into oblivion. Friday was no exception, and I had extra company because G was there (haven't talked about this one before). The night wore on, many shots were had (tequila, kahlua, crown) and it turned into a slumber party for the vast majority of us.

Saturday I woke up too late to take G home and get back home to shower/change etc. for a lunch I had planned, so we stopped by my place, I changed, he loved the dogs, and I came up to the office for a spell. I don't think my hangover kicked in until around the middle of lunch. I pretty much wanted to die after that, but I pressed on...BECAUSE...Hardin Sweaty had a show at Dada on Saturday night. Being the trooper that I am, I headed over to Dallas around 7:45, met up with the band and their respective girlfriends (my friend Amanda, Goose's gf "B", etc.). We made a quick trip down to Condoms to Go to check out all the oddities, stopped by an art gallery (The Kettle), and eventually landed back at the venue for a friends reunion of sorts. Amanda, Crystal, and I hadn't all been in one place in over 2 years, so it was quite a time. Hardin Sweaty rocked out like never before (my face is still a bit melty from all the radioactive rock goodness), and after much dancing, flailing, and swinging of hair, we went next door to The Bone for grindy-dancing. Much to my chagrin the music was sucky and there was no one there, so we gave it up and went to eat at Cafe Brazil. I think I rolled back into my garage around 3am, and I've never fallen into bed and asleep so fast in my life. I didn't even take my makeup off, and I have the pimple to prove it.

That leaves yesterday. This is a short description: worked on my proposal from noon to 5:45. It's not done, but it's damn close. I think I only need to write 2-3 more pages and the fucker is finished. SO HAPPY. Just in time for me to guest lecture on Maus 2 days this week and go out for my birthday on Friday night.

That is all for now. Time to catch up on blog reading!

Listening: "Life is a Highway"...Rascal Flatts


  1. That sounds like a fun Saturday night. Wish I could have been there.

  2. I wish you could've too, Toddsky. You could've been my personal bouncer. No pun intended. Well, maybe.

  3. I like the subtle hint you threw in there... But I was already prepared!

    BTW--I'm still waiting...

  4. Subtle? Hint? Huh?

    And I forgot! I'll send it to you tonight.

  5. Wow, sounds like some weekend. LORD I hate the delayed hangover. Hope you're feeling better today!

  6. awesome! you did good.

    kahlua shots...*shudder* ouch.

  7. Funky, feeling much much better today. In fact, I'd love to go out tonight, but I have no idea who's going to be around. Meh!

    Lee, I have no idea who decided the kahlua shots were a good idea, but they were dead wrong. Ick!

  8. Could've been aftershock. That stuff's like dropping a nuke into a volcano.

  9. birthday? yay!

    when are you coming to austin, missy?

  10. Sounds like a good weekend! Way better than mine anyway.

    Did you get my email about The Swan? It wasn't attached to your email!

  11. Goose, Aftershock is evil. Never again after Little Rock.

    Soj, I need to do that velly velly soon! We should plan.

    Heatheroo, I didn't get that e-mail. I could've sworn I copied/pasted the story into the body of the mail, but I've forgotten many a time before. I'll get it online tonight.

  12. I'll send you the template when I get home. I have it all set up with the picture and everything. It just needs the story!

  13. Oh my. I'm getting so old. Just reading your post makes me want to climb back into bed and sleep for a good long time. The last time I had a hangover I was pretty much incapacitated for the entire weekend!

  14. LOL, Anita. I'm pretty much reaching the end of my tether. After this week I'm taking a good long break from drinking/partying.


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