Friday, November 17, 2006

A stolen meme....

Stolen from Heather and Amanda and a bunch more....

What part of the past would you bring back if you possibly could?
I would go back to those years when my grandparents were healthy and our family was all together. Every day was fun and full of laughter and we were together. Now everyone is....separate.

What character trait would you alter if you could?
Perfectionism. I procrastinate or avoid doing things if I don't think I'm great at them. It holds me back sometimes.

Which skill would you like to have the time and energy to really work on?
To focus more keenly. My focus seems to come in spurts, and if I could maintain it, I would accomplish much more.

Are you money poor, love poor, time poor or freedom poor?
Love poor in the romantic sense. I'm also time poor, but the love thing is the one bugging me as of late. It's just nice to have someone around, and I'm finally able to admit that.

What element of your partner’s character would you alter if you could?
No partner, see above. But I will say that a partner's most integral qualities are intelligence and a general vigor for life. Grab it by the throat and all that.

What three things are you going to do next year that you’ve been meaning to do for ages but never got around to?
Travel to Europe (I hope).

Get healthier.
Get back to the 'zine.

If your fairy godmother gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?
If I'm being selfish, I'd go with independently wealthy because I'd love to pay off my loans and build a house. I'd also wish for more time to read and many travel adventures.

What one thing would you change about your living conditions?
I'd have my own place. As much as I love my mom and enjoy hanging out with her, it would really be better for me to be out on my own right now.

How could the quality of your free time be improved?
If I had more focus (mentioned above) I would get my work done faster and have that "more time to read" that I wished for. Vicious cycle.

What change have you made to your life recently that you’re most proud of?
I'm trying to take some more time for me so I don't go insane. However, that also puts more stresses on my time issues since I need to be working all night every night. I've sort of fallen off the South Beach wagon (big bummer), so I hope to be back on my health kick soon and that'll make me proud!


  1. I love reading meme's about people.

    Speaking of more reading time, I finished The Hours earlier this evening. I absolutely loved it. Thanks for telling me about it.

    Draft two of the proposal was just emailed to the director. I think I'm going to start a new book to read, though I should be working on the adolescent lit. paper instead.

  2. E., I finished City of Glass (first in the New York Trilogy) last night. It was fabulous. You definitely need to read that soon if you feel the urge. I'm gonna start the second It's really short, so I'm sure I'll polish it right off.

    I got draft 2 in yesterday and just saw S. briefly yesterday. She didn't have any big feedback, so I'm hoping it goes to the committee asap.

    I should be working on the adolescent lit paper, too, but I wanna read fun stuff. So I think I will!

  3. Oops, that should say I got draft 2 in on Thursday.

  4. I loved reading your meme. Want my husband? He's intelligent and grabs life by the throat, but then he shakes it and leaves it trembling on the grass. I'm kidding, just kidding. Except for the you-can-have-him part.

  5. LOL, Nancy. No thanks. Husbands are a lot of upkeep, and I simply don't have the time until May 2011.

  6. Great stuff girl. Where in Europe are you planning to go? My advice is find a European man and then you'll go back to Europe a lot - ha,ha... It worked for me :)

  7. Not sure yet, Iliana. I haven't decided if I'm going to sign up for a tour group or wrangle some friends into going. I'm definitely in favor of that marrying a European man thing!


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