Friday, December 08, 2006

The Road

I finished The Road--Cormac McCarthy's newest book--today. What a fucking depressing read. But extremely well done. McCarthy's style is deceptively simple (Hemingway'esque in many ways) and the story is bleak for most of the book. We follow two nameless protagonists--a father and son--through a desolate post-apocalyptic world of dust and nothingness. They have to avoid the "bad guys" who are willing to consume human flesh for survival and they rely on luck and their wits to secure food, water, and shelter.

While this one was extremely dark and heartwrenching (made me cry) it's also oddly hopeful.

Big thanks to T. for letting me borrow his copy.

Listening: "Waiting on the World to Change"...John Mayer

P.S. No idea what to read next. Maybe I'll finish The New York Trilogy. It's excellent, I'm just dragging out the goodness.


  1. WOW if you thought that was depressing then don't bother reading Blood Meridian. I thought it was redemptive, and hopeful at the end. With the death of the father you see the death of the old, selfish, hateful world, and the messiah ready to usher in the new world. Excellent book though.

  2. Finish the damn New York Trilogy already. I think you are dragging your feet just to mess with me. :)~

  3. T. you've gotta admit it's dark. It's not like I wanna kill myself, but the style of the book and the desolate subject matter mesh to make a wasteland of a book. I agree that there's the possibily of redemption at the end, but then again maybe the kid just gets eaten. Lookin' forward to Blood Meridian.

    And Donna and I were talking about The New York Trilogy tonight. We're both bogged down in the middle. But, I WILL finish it soon.

  4. this is in my tbr pile...think I'll wait until after the holidays, when I'm also planning to tackle Anna Karenina. Nothing wrong with wanting stab yourself in the eyes in Janauary in Michigan. I'd feel like doing so anyway.

  5. By far, The Road is one of the best books I've read all year. I'm glad that you finally read it, A-train.

  6. Egad! You've just been tagged! Go check my latest post.

  7. LOL, Courtney! I was just at Half-Price Books worrying over whether or not to buy Anna Karenina the other day. Russian authors and I typically don't get along, so I didn't buy it.

    E., it'll be in my top 10 for the year as well. I'm looking forward to more McCarthy now.

    Thanks, Blitch! Going to take a look.

  8. Sorry for the personal comment -- but I just saw your comment on my blog. ;o)

    Sorry you can't switch to beta... but you can get free templates, easy! That's all I did different, really -- go to (or something like that... if that doesn't work, check the bottom of my blog for the link).
    I got another two here and here.

  9. Have you read Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem? The plot is a little trite, but the characters are great and his writing is gorgeous.

  10. Lu, I haven't read it, but a friend and I have been talking about it lately. I even picked it up at Half-Price the other night but put it back down. I'll bump it to the top of the to be read pile at your recommendation!

  11. I've read a few of Cormac McCarthy's but can't make up my mind whether I like his writing or not. Sometimes I love it, other times it just leaves me cold.

    Blood Meridian is one I keep meaning to pick up, but then it seems so depressing (from the blurb) that I'm never in the mood.

  12. Fence, The Road is the first McCarthy I've read. I have Blood Meridian and All the Pretty Horses on my TBR, so I'll keep you posted as to what I think of his other stuff. I think he's potentially quite great, but I'm as yet undecided. The Road was certainly an excellent read. I'll probably read Blood Meridian over my holiday break, so I'll post about it if/when I finish.


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