Monday, December 11, 2006


I love cherry-flavored Gaviscon. That's another weird thing to add to the list in the previous post.

Uneventful day on the whole. Finished some transcript requests, registered (and forked over $90) for the Nashville conference, and worked on some minor grammatical revisions for my thesis proposal. T-minus 3 days until defense time. Graduate Director apparently really liked my proposal. Another weight off the shoulders.

Now I'm wrapped up in my electric blanket reading the last novella in The New York Trilogy. Breathe easy, T. I'm almost done. I love this book.

A good couple of lines:

The beautiful Sophie delicately put the baby down on the floor, gave me a great hug of thanks, and then kissed me on the cheek. For a moment I thought she was goin to cry, but the moment passed and there were no tears. Then I hauled the two suitcases slowly down the stairs and onto the street. Together, they were as heavy as a man.

Now, what makes this passage particularly lovely and extraordinary is the very last sentence. Auster is referring to suitcases filled with the work of a writer--unpublished--who has disappeared. His wife entrusts her husband's work to his formerly close friend to whom he hasn't spoken in years but who he thought of as his only true friend. The idea that the weight of his life could be kept in two suitcases is at once poetic and tragic--but it's oddly appealing that perhaps he'll live on in some way through his work. But Auster is rarely that kind to his characters, so we'll see how it goes. 100 pages left.

Watching: Ed Norton on Leno....rawwwr!

P.S. I had the loveliest dream last night. I was dating Dave Grohl and he was terribly down to earth and was kind enough to let me shack up in his very large house.


  1. I must read The New York Trilogy soon. Maybe this weekend.

  2. Yes! I have about 50 pages left. Gonna finish it this morning before I start reading Kristeva and Bakhtin (no luck with those 2 this weekend).

  3. Tomorrow I start my THREE WEEK VACATION. I'm going to spend lots of time wrapped up in a blanket and reading.

    I used Kristeva in a paper on Maus. Talk about the intertextuality in that -- layers upon layers.

    Have a very abject intextual holiday!

  4. LOL, thanks, Amanda! That's precisely what I'm using Kristeva for, but this time in conjunction with Fables. I loves me some intertextuality.

  5. And have fun on your very long vacation!

  6. That sentence is amazing. He is carrying a man in that suitcase. Those unpublished texts are the only link to fanshawe, and are basically his essence.

    If you really like intertexuality look up Fanshawe on the internet and look at the connections between Hawthorne and Auster. It is really amazing what Auster does.

  7. The other night I dreamed Liam Neeson wanted to marry me. It was a period piece sort of dream, and I think we our destined love story may have been set in Scotland, but I can't be sure.

    One thing I am sure of, I was pissed as hell when that alarm went off!

  8. T., I looked up Fanshawe last night and it was a pretty lame summation of the book, so I'm going to look up some more hefty synopses after I finish. Only about 50 pages left! Love love love it.

  9. LMAO, Lisa! I would've been irked too! I tried to go back to my Dave Grohl dream last night but it didn't work out for me. Bah!


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