Sunday, January 07, 2007


Holy God. I HAVE to start my thesis today. TODAY! Now, I have to preface all this by saying that I probably have the better part of 30-35 (40 is very optimistic) useable pages written if you count my Master's exam, thesis proposal, a term paper or two, and various other smidgens of work. But, I'm still feeling rather daunted since I had tentatively promised Thesis Director three of the four chapters upon returning to school (January 16th). Now, that probably won't happen. I'm thinkin' she's gonna receive two of the four chapters in their first-draft state, and I just hope she's not too pissed. I have a February 1st deadline to have the chapters turned in to my committee, and I have a tentative March 1st defense, which would give me a full month to grapple with the graduate school over small, insignificant bullshit that they'll throw in my face. I can DO this! This topic has been stewing in my head for the better part of a year and a half, so I just hope to God it all flows out my fingertips when I start typing.

The prospectus: 4 Chapters, already have a decent title, 20-25 pages per chapter (with the exception of the first, which might be a little shorter but will likely result in longer subsequent chapters). So, I think I'm realistically lookin' at roughly 77-90 pages by the end. I won't settle for less than 77. I've already read all of the research I can think of that might be applicable. I think I'm ready. Oh, God.

Edit: New development...I just got an e-mail from the editor of a literary encyclopedia for which most of my friends have already done entries. I didn't pursue it earlier in the year because I was busy with the conference and writing and whatnot but decided I could probably swing something since they put out a last call for material. Found out today that I can write the blurb for the book I want, but the deadline is the 15th. Crap! Gotta read the book and write the 500-word entry by next Monday. Sure, why not. I'll have two publications going into my Ph.D., and that's what I'm focusing on at this point. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck, Andi! Take a deep breath and do one thing at a time :0) Looking forward to hearing how it all works out!

  2. Thanks, Kim! I'm happy to report that I've got 37 pages from my previous material. So far today I've not written anything new, but have spent some time stitching the old stuff together. Woot!

  3. You CAN DO THIS. It will be so, so worth it when you are done! I'm going to tell you what I'm telling my husband with his school craziness...just, um. focus. That's it, focus...
    I am the worst wife and blog reader ever. but I do try.

  4. LOL, it's much appreciated, Courtney!

  5. You've got a one up on me.

    I HAVE to write a chapter by this week.



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