Monday, February 26, 2007

Congratulations jig!

Congrats to Elise for her two PhD acceptances (so far) to TCU (Texas Christian) and one to OU (University of Oklahoma). And T. got the exciting news that he's been accepted to Purdue!!!

Now I'm getting a little nervous. I'm ready to hear SOMETHING from SOMEONE!

AND, for kicks, go check out World Book Day, HERE.


  1. I've still got all sorts of things crossed for you, babe!

  2. Pass on my congrats and I'm sitting here chanting "OU - go for OU - OU - OU!!!" Okay, I admit it. I love Norman, OK, even though my alma mater is OSU. :)

  3. Thanks, Os! I don't dare to think just what you've got crossed. ;)

    BF, LOL! I'll pass the word along...and the chant. :)


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