Monday, April 30, 2007

Estella's Really Revenging....

Blogger has been positively putzy on the formatting front the last few days. Getting Estella's Revenge online-ready has been painful, but I think *most* of the kinks are ironed out now.

It's a fantabulous issue this time 'round (I know, I say that every time) with interviews from Joshilyn Jackson and Louis Theroux, not to mention Melissa's interview with an independent bookseller, articles on everything from Oprah to historical fiction, a barrage of tasty columns, snazzy stuffs, and a heap of tasty reviews.

Go see it and I promise I'll shut up.

In other news, thanks so much for all the well wishes and congratulatory words on my thesis. I know I still have a ways to go yet, but I'm thrilled to be done adding major content. If I had to write one more chapter I would've speared my eyeballs out.

Today was a positively luscious book day. I spent the morning teaching a wooonderful children's novel...Skellig, by David Almond. I then spent an hour grading quizzes and response papers before I came home and kicked back with Kitchen Confidential (Anthony Bourdain) for a bit, and then I started The New Yorkers, by Cathleen Schine. While I was lounging, another review book landed on my doorstep...Dark at the Roots, by Sarah Thyre. While I'll be releasing The New Yorkers to the ER crowd to snag, I had to take a few minutes to read a bit. Excellent so far.

Tonight, I finally celebrated my thesis semi-completion with a yummy Southwest Cobb Salad at Applebee's and a Triple Chocolate Meltdown dessert. I'm South Beaching with gusto, but the dessert was strictly celebratory. No mas carbs for mama this week.

Coming soon: a restaurant meme that Tanabata tagged me with, and a book meme from Bookfool.


  1. i don't think I congratulated you because i've been having serious internet and blog problems which I *think* are now ironed out. So.

    I'm southbeaching too and loving it!

  2. Thanks, Courtney! Glad you're back, by the way. :)

    And don't you just adore South Beach? I feel so clean when I'm on this plan.

  3. It's a great one, isn't it Heather? Thanks for dropping in.

  4. Oh I love Anthony Bourdain's TV show when he traveled around the world for the best-kept secret of local recipes. I have yet to read Kitchen's Confidential but I'm sure it's somewhere in my ever growing TBR pile.

    I had my final straw with Blogspot earlier this year and I dived into Worpress. Maybe you should give it a try too? :)

  5. Hi, Matt. I actually have a Wordpress account, too, but the sheer pain of moving my 800+ posts from here to there makes me cringe. And it's a lot slower with my dial-up (dark ages, I know). Otherwised I'd give it a go. I know lots of people who are really glad they've moved their sites.

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