Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So I'm sitting here and I'm writing my third Estella piece of the day and I'm scrambling to get the issue put together, and I make the mistake of having The Food Network going in the background. What do I hear? What? Emeril Lagasse nattering on about the wonders of chorizo. But what does he call it?


Like the name of a girl I used to teach.


A sausage I love so dearly pronounced in such a screwy way that it quite literally chaps my completely-dead-from-sitting-here-all-afternoon ass.

This is all I have to say:


You, sir, can suck it.

Oh the things that peeve me.


  1. LOL I have hated Emeril since I paid $22 for a freaking steak at his restaurant in Orlando. Suck it Emeril!

    And I emailed you earlier RE Estella but for some reason it didn't get through. I posted my review of the Kurson book, feel free to edit and move where you like. I finished that column we talked about and plan to post it soon. Going to need FrontPage for that. Anything else I need to do?

  2. How in the hell do you mispronounce a word that's in a perfectly phonetic language?

    Chorizo is near and dear to my heart. I had to abstain for years, after I found out I was allergic to pork. A store near my home started carrying a beef chorizo, bless their hearts.

  3. So he turned a three syllable word into two?! WTF?! I have never liked the man or his show. He can't seem to do two things at once (cook and speak).

    Trying to catch up with my blog-hopping. I also have tons of comments to respond to on my own. Love my job, but need more hours in the day.

  4. What's with people on the Food Network? I was watching Iron Chef America one day, and the host kept saying "pap-rick-ah" instead of "pap-ree-kah". It drove me crazy!

  5. Oh he should not be allowed to use it then. The nerve! ;)
    Can you believe I was in Mexico last week and didn't have any?! Yep, must be something wrong with me. Ha.

  6. OMG! I am SO with you!!!! I know it's lame but I am Ecuadorian and have been eating chorizo probably since before I came out of the womb and when he says that word I just want to punch the television! What kind of Portugese man is he? CHARISSE? UUGGH!! and NO, this is not a case of you say tomato, I say tomaaahtoe!

  7. I love the Food Network, but Emeril gets on my nerves. If I hear BAM! one more time.

  8. Not a fan of Emeril. Let's call Eeeemrill and see what he thinks? Wanna go heckle him?

  9. Whoa, $22 for a steak. I hope it was marinated in gold or something. ;)

    Johnny, hell if I know how you mispronounce it. He's a douchebag, that's all I can say. You're allergic to pork???? That's tragic. Congrats on the beef chorizo though.

    Les, amen to the lack of cooking and speaking. I think that's why he resorted to the whole "BAM!" thing. Makes me wanna die.

    Heather, I think I would've had to reach through the screen and strangle somebody!

    Iliana, that breaks my heart. Truly.

    Funky, right on! Emeril haters unite!

    LOL, same here, Kristy. That BAM thing has gotta go. I think it's become a tick at this point.

    Ooh ooh, good plan Bookfool!!! We can throw stuff, too. Maybe "charisse."

  10. Not a fan of Emeril's either, but in his defense, they are two different sausages:

    Also, the 'charisse' pronunciation is popular in RI/MA (Emeril is from Fall River, MA). A friend from there was just complaining this weekend about people mispronouncing it, so go figure!

    But yeah, E annoys me - especially those toothpaste commercials ...

  11. Oh, I SO laughed out loud. I am just not able to handle Emeril. I love cooking shows but NOT annoying cooks! :)


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