Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reader's Block -- OVER! Big Ass -- HISTORY!

Scratch that...start over.

My original post has been wiped away because it was so boring I drooled on my keyboard and electrocuted myself. A few bits about me and my day so far:

  • I got up early and worked out. Afterwards I got right back into my jammies and I haven't left my bed since.
  • I have an afro.
  • I'm writing a chick lit short story for a new site I found (that pays). The story has a duck in it.
  • I'm waiting patiently (yeah right) to hear from community colleges to which I applied.
  • I bought the new Avril Lavigne CD yesterday in a fit of buyers pissedoffedness as a result of their not having the Incubus or Maroon 5 CDs I wanted. That's $15 I'll never get back.
  • My reader's block seems to have passed. Review of The New Yorkers coming up in the June Estella's Revenge.
  • I like cheese.

Thank you, and good day.

If you're interested in the comment about the short story and the duck, click HERE and read my latest Estella Scribbles entry.


  1. I caught a few lines of the previous post. Something about throwing yourself at--I mean, into--"The New Yorkers."

  2. Okay, just to torment you a bit, here's what I have from the last post:

    "It appears my crippling case of reader's block has passed. And hoo-freakin'-ray for that. Yesterday I threw myself into The New Yorkers: A Novel, by Cathleen Schine, and I'm glad I finally did. I zipped through the better part of 200 pages in a day and a half and ended up really enjoying this quiet, character-driven book. And it revolves around one of my favorite things: dogs."

    I don't think that's boring.

  3. LOL

    Doll, I think Maroon 5 comes out next week. I'm actually diggin' that new song they have out. At first I was kind of meh, but it has really grown on me.

    Avril Lavigne? Cringe!

    Glad you finished The New Yorkers! So it's character-driven? For some reason, I don't know if it was the title or the cover, I thought it was chick lit. It's not?

    Can we see the afro?

    What is this website that pays??? I like ducks.

    I adore cheese!!!

  4. Wow, impressed with the getting up, working out, then going back to bed. You rock sister. I like ducks. Avril Lavigne....hmmm, no comment. Cheese = LOVE!

  5. LOL, Brandon. OK, so the book part was fine. It was all the going on about South Beach that came afterwards that really dragged things down the crapper.

    Heatheroo, I have NO Maroon 5! I was going to buy an old CD to hold me over until the new one but they had nothing. Nada. So depressing. I haven't worked up the patience to try downloading stuff with my craptaculous dial-up connection. Blarrg. I'll tell ya about the site over at the writers group.

    The New Yorkers TOTALLY looks like chick lit doesn't it?! It's not. Not in my opinion, anyway. It is about dogs and love, but it didn't come off like any chick lit I've ever read. She has a blog. I hit her up for an interview. We'll see what happens.

    LOL, Funky. Who doesn't like ducks? I mean really. I'm hoping the ducks win me a spot at this new zine. Woot!

  6. I have been suffering from a bit of Readers Block myself, and I forgot What is the What in The Merce so I will have to finish it when I get back.

    I read "As I Lay Dying" by Faulkner. I have started it several times and laid it down. It is a good story but too disjointed. It reads too much like a short story cycle.

    I am still waiting on Blue Angels to arrive through the mail. I am kind of excited to read it.

    Go to YouTube and check out the "Cold War Kids." or "The Silent Years." You have heard of them already but they are really good rockish bands. It will help you recover from the Shittiness that is Avril LaCrap, I mean Lavigne.

    Good luck with the Job search. I am T Minus 65 days until Indiana-ness.

  7. T., I'm pretty intrigued by your praise of What is the What. I might have to put away my Eggars block (a result of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggerin Genius) and try it.

    I hope you like Blue Angel!

    I tried As I Lay Dying a few years ago and couldn't get into it. I'll try again someday, but I don't feel much urgency at this point. Although, I am thinking of reading some Dos Passos soon (camera eye anyone?). No idea what's gotten into me.

    Will definitely try those YouTube recs.

    I'm ready to get the hell outta Dodge. How 'bout you? :)

  8. Laugh, well, this post was certainly to the point! I doubt the original one was so boring though, you're being too hard on yourself! :)

    ps. I like cheese too.

    Ari Baking and Books)

  9. As I Lay Dying has one of the best chapters ever written. ;-)

    You could write anything in your blog and I would probably find it interesting, Andi. You lead such an intersting life and you have a great way with words.

    I need a Maroon 5 CD . . . Oh, and I like ducks and cheese too.

  10. Thanks, Ari! You're too kind. :D It was a pretty bad post, though.

    Lit Feline, which chapter is that?? I'm gonna have to read it now, you know. Enabler! lol

    And thank you, you're too kind. My life isn't terribly exciting. I'm in my bed much more than any human should be. I love my bed. Even more than I love cheese. And ducks for that matter.



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