Friday, June 22, 2007

Good Writing News

I recently entered a flash fiction contest (even though flash fiction is the complete opposite of anything I've ever written...I'm long-winded, see). I got word over the weekend that my piece made it past the first round of judging, and I should find out today if I'm in the top 10. Winners win money, and I like money. It helps pay bills. Not to mention, this is giving me a bit more confidence in my fiction-writing abilities.

Cross your parts. I know, I'm asking that a lot lately. ;)

Edit: The announcement of the top 10 has been postponed until Monday! Gah! My impatient little heart can't take it!

On Ye Olde iPod: "Curve of the Earth"...Matt Nathanson


  1. sweet- good luck! money is good...

  2. Ooh... My sister (who introduced me to blogging) has been writing flash for years. She loves it!!
    Best of luck :)

  3. I'm in permanent parts crossed position, just for you!

    Bunnies?? Thats sad...

  4. Thanks Iliana and Cold!

    Addict, it's kinda fun! I was surprised. Economy is not my strong suit.

    Thanks, Os! And it is very sad. I cried.

    Thanks, Funky!

  5. Neato. Can I cross my toes? It's less likely to interfere with the typing (and I can, in fact, really cross them - apparently that's odd??).

  6. Good luck! I hope you win lots of money! :)

  7. Thanks, all! I haven't heard any news today so that either means I didn't get the top 10 or they're late announcing. I'll let ya know tomorrow!


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