Monday, July 30, 2007

Librarians Do It Quietly

I'm happy to say that I think my interview for the library assistant position (and senior library assistant) went well. I hesitate to say so because the last time that happened I didn't get either of the jobs I interviewed for. Hmmphf. It's not a lot of money, but it would be comparable to what I'd make part-time teaching at the college. The pluses: it's 10 miles from home, there's insurance, the people are nice, and I'd have my very own office! So, we'll see. I'll decide when I find out if they even wanna offer me the job.

Most exciting part of the day: the typing test! I actually took my first typing test, and I officially type 72 words per minute. I thought I was in that range, but it's nice to have confirmation. Why do I give a damn? Gotta be good at something!

How's my head you ask? Still full of snot and more than a little achey at the moment. My bed is calling.

The lovely and rockin' Chris from Book-a-Rama recently tagged me with a meme that involves giving blog tips, and after rattling my puny little brain, I honestly can't think of anything constructive to add. My friend, TheOtherFeminist, has asked me numerous times what it takes to become a blog cult leader (her term, not mine...don't drink the Kool-Aid!), and I simply reply: read blogs and comment, then write something mildly snarky a couple of times a week. It works for me, but it's already been said in slightly more tactful, insightful ways than I can offer.

Coming up tomorrow: some questions from Johnny Yen, discussion of the final stage of my damn thesis (technical term) and maybe some bitchings about Harold Bloom. We'll see what moves me.

On ye olde TV: "Shanghai" episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Song in my head: "Dance Commander"...Electric Six


  1. My fingers are crossed for you, Andi! I am glad the interview went well.

    I am not sure how fast I type. I used to be pretty fast, but I have since lost a little of my speed, I think. I don't type as often as I used to.

  2. Aww, I didn't know you were sick. Feel better soon and I have my fingers crossed for your interview too (and toes).

  3. Good luck! If a "snarky" blog has any effect on you getting the job, it's definitely in the bag for you.

  4. I haven't taken a typing test since we used typewriters. I think I'm much faster now thanks to computers. Thank goodness for spell check. Good luck on the job search!

  5. I think that my cultdom would be greatly enhanced if I knew the blog lingo such as the terms meme and tags--what are they exactly. Perhaps you can write a BLogosphere 101 or Blogging for Dummies post sometime in the future.

  6. Hooray for Library jobs!

    Boo on Howard Bloom!

    (Howie and I disagree on Sylvia.... )

  7. Thanks, Lit Feline!

    Thanks a bunch, Imani!

    LOL, thank ya, Nik!

    Kristy, I tell ya, I'd be lost on a typewriter now. One reason I've become such a fast typist is because my school started teaching us to type in 2nd grade because they were all excited (computers were relatively new) about their new equipment. Thank goodness they did!

    LOL, I'll do that, Fem!

    Howie and I disagree on almost EVERYTHING, Amanda!! He doesn't like T.S. Eliot! Boo!


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