Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Snot Rules, and My Latest Reading Endeavors

The last few days have been filled not only with joyous reading, but also a hefty amount of snot. Yes, kids, the snot monster has pinned me to the wall once again, infiltrating my sinuses, soring my throat and making me feel icky all around.

In fact, yesterday, after a lazy mid-day nap, I attempted to get out of bed (on my side, closest to the wall, as always) and in leaning too far forward in my haze, I smacked my head on the wall. Enough to make my already fuzzy head a bit fuzzier. Not fun.

But, I'm happy to report, today I feel well enough to post for you all, although I don't have anything terribly interesting or introspective to say. I'm currently waiting for the DirecTV guy to come fiddle with our dish (haw haw), and I plan to devote most of the day to writing articles for my freelance undertaking. I'm way behind for the week, so I have 12 of those little puppies to crank out before Sunday (not terribly difficult, but annoying nonetheless).

Yesterday, between naps, I did manage to settle the question of "What to read after Harry Potter?" and the answer is just as surprising to me as anyone. I had a book of short stories, The Last Communist Virgin, all lined up, but instead, between naps, I started and finished Marie, Dancing, by Carolyn Meyer. It's a young adult historical fiction novel about the life of Marie van Geothem, the young girl who modeled for Edgar Degas's statuette, "Little Dancer Aged Fourteen" (pictured above). Meyer's fictionalization originally drew me in because of the seeming similarities between her story and another historical art novel I enjoyed, Girl with a Pearl Earring. However, the premise is where the likeness ends. Marie is a devoted, headstrong, loose canon of a character, whereas Tracy Chevalier's protagonist, Griet, was quite reserved and often dictated by her fellow characters. Marie is a hell cat bound by loyalty and honor in the midst of her mother's unhealthy absinthe addiction and her older sister's leanings toward prostitution. While some of the themes and suggestions seemed a little icky for a YA novel (Marie posing nude for the aged Degas, etc.), all-in-all it was a tastefully written novel and pretty darn involving. Involving enough that I read it in a day--a sick day--after all. I'll post a proper review in the August issue of Estella's Revenge, but for now, there's a peek into my thoughts.

Now, who thinks I have time to sneak out to McDonald's for a breakfast biscuit before cable man shows up? Hmmm. I think I'll try it!
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  1. Ugh! I'm sorry you feel so icky! Bad snot! Bad!

    How great that you could read a book in a whole day though! Haven't done that in awhile. Even HP7 took me 2 days. I'll have to look that one up; sounds pretty good!

    Hey, I have an extra copy of the Zevin book I'm doing for Estella. Want one?

  2. Heather,
    Bad snot is right! But you wanna know my favorite wonder drug? Alka Seltzer Plus. That crap is amazing. It has me feeling human again today.


  3. Hilarious that you smacked your head...hope you're okay :O) and you can fiddle with my dish...grrr!

    I'll take a large fry on your way back from McD's too please!!

  4. For all of you Harry Potter fans, does Rowling have any plan to write another series?

    I hear ya, I often overlook what I should read next when I'm reading something engrossing that I don't want it to end so soon.

  5. Eww! Glad you're feeling better though.

    Btw, I tagged you for a meme on my blog.

  6. Hope you are feeling much better girl and looking forward to hearing about those books in Estella's!

  7. Wow, I'm only worth $3390.00. My life insurance policy knows better.


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