Monday, August 06, 2007

If you're a troll and you know it, raise your hand!

A troll. That's what I've been over the weekend. Given, I've been out and about, running erraneds, hospital visiting and socializaing with B., but I've been a victim of biology. That's right kids, P-M-S. I was trying to explain it last night, and I think I got it nailed down:

PMS is like being in a pointless rage for days on end, except for those 15-minute intervals when crying is absolutely unavoidable.

I was watching Ocean of Fear on Discovery (20th annual Shark Week, after all) and found myself in tears. Given, it is quite a sad story about the victims of the USS Indianapolis sinking and the subsequent shark attacks and general horribleness that claimed the lives of over 500 sailors. But still, I cried. Watching the Discovery channel.

I also flew into a rage when the shaving gel bottle fell off of the shower organizer.

Thank you, Shejus, for making me a woman. (Bitch.)

In other news:

I got very little reading done this weekend. I have about 15 pages of The Dying Animal left to polish off today. I know that my copy of Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse is in the mail from Amazon (yay!), so that'll probably be my next book.

My social security card is gone. Therefore, I get to brave the wilds of the nearest Social Security card office for a replacement (fucking yay).

Pray for my soul.

I'm going to play SIMS2.

Oh, and yes, those are my fish on the header--pics from our koi/goldfish pond.


  1. PMS always sneaks up on me and I don't realize it until my husband is like "What's your deal?" Then it hits me. And I cry again.

    I love the fishies!

  2. Where's Dr. Claw when you need him??

  3. Sounds like someone needs a hug.

    I'll wait until the storm is over.

  4. I'm PMSing, too. I can always tell when I start getting the urge to flame random idiots in random LJ communities.

    At least you didn't cry during a penguin documentary. I was trying out that damn BC patch and was watching a documentary about an oil spill off the coast of South Africa. They showed a poor pengie covered in oil, and I burst out sobbing.

    Needless to say, I ripped that goddamn patch off right then and threw them all away.

    Speaking of Simming, I should have the Fables sims posted in my LJ this evening. :) I'm going to get all sappy with Bigby and Snow.

  5. Same here, Nik. When B. finally called my bitchiness I felt SO BAD. I knew I'd been in a tizzy, but I didn't realize quite how bad. Glad you like the fishies! I lurv them! I watch 'em all the time.

    Os, exactly!

    LOL, Heather. Gimme that hug. I'd never bite your head off. :)

    Oh, crap, GP, I would've totally cried during the penguin documentary. Those little buggers will make me cry on a non-PMS day. I've never watched March of the Penguins and I'm sure as hell not starting now after some of the things Daniel shared. NOOO! Can't wait to see those SIMS!

  6. When I got to your crying over the Discovery show, I commented to my dog (who is at my feet) that I do that all the time when I watching shows like that. Does that mean I'm always PMSing? Haha I can be a big cry baby sometimes.

  7. That is why I try to hide when Madame X is in town, but I always have these damn responsibilities that put me in contact with people and they get in the line of fire. Most people just run for cover.
    I love your new word Shejus.

  8. Nice fish!

    Best of luck getting a new SS card...yikes! ;)

  9. It's been shark week on discovery since two weeks.

  10. Hate to admit it, but I used to have these wild PMS mood swings. Tears and violent tantrums coming altogether. I was hell to live with.

    That was a few years back though. I believe yoga helps my hormones balance itself out. So, yoga might help.

    The koi on your header reminds me of the time my friend's mom kept a dead koi in their freezer. The mom loved that koi, and when it died, she wanted to just "keep with her" a little longer.

    My friend was shocked when she opened the freezer for ice-cream and she saw the dead koi in a zip-lock bag.

    I don't know why I always recall morbid stories like these. :)


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