Monday, August 13, 2007

Move Over Hugh Laurie, There's a Literary Crush in Town

No spoilers! I wouldn't do that to you!

That's right, folks, one of the most delightful things has happened. Stephenie Meyer's new young adult novel, Eclipse, arrived on my doorstep (quite literally) from Amazon last week. I spent a few days finishing a review book for Estella's Revenge, and finally cracked the spine (figuratively) on Eclipse Friday afternoon. As of last night around 6:00 pm Eastern time, I turned the last page in tears and sighed a sigh of the truly satisfied and slightly heartbroken.

What's all the fuss about? A new literary crush, of course!

As you might have imagined, I've had something of a literary girl-crush on Estella of Great Expectations for a number of years now. I'll give you a minute to absorb the shock. I know, I know, you wouldn't have guessed if I hadn't told you.

Before I delve into the details of my obsession, let's talk a bit about the literary crush in general. For most of the bookish women I know, the most prevalent crush is on Mr. Darcy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice fame. For there's something so perfectly, distractingly, fascinatingly wonderful about Mr. Darcy that the bookworm girls of the world have a hard time leaving him to his respective pages. For he is a man so wonderfully written that he jumps right off the page and into our collective hearts and panties. He's suave, he's smart, he's just a bit of a jackass, and he loves Lizzie. Awww. It makes us swoon. Swoon I tell you.

And my new literary crush, while certainly not a classic, is good enough for me. He is one of Stephenie Meyer's characters from her Twilight series, and he's played the biggest role thus far in Eclipse. His name, Jacob Black, his ancestry, werewolf.

As he's described in the book, Jacob is a member of the Quileute tribe--6'7" tall with russett skin and shaggy black hair. That's one tall drink of water, kids. And beyond the yummy physical description, we get the angst. As a Quileute and a werewolf, he's forever the mortal enemy of any vampire, even the (relatively) innocent Cullen family. Which means he's the sworn enemy of Edward Cullen, Bella Swann's, our protagonist's, true lurv.

Twisted? Oh yes. High school? Yep.

Does it matter? Hell no!

There's something so wonderfully tragic and sweet about Jacob that I just can't help but want to manhandle hug him. He's the best underdog (pardon the pun) that I've read in a very long time, and I can't help but wish he'd jump off the page and play space heater for me on a cold cold night.

Did I just type that out loud?

Anyway, if you've had any inclination to read Meyer's Twilight series, get your butt off the couch and run down to the nearest bookstore (or Wal-Mart) to pick it up. While Meyer's writing leaves a little something to be desired at times (some overused expressions, etc.) it doesn't matter. The story is involving and wonderful and if you're a hopeless romantic like myself, you will totally dig it. You'll be giggling like a 16-year-old girl before it's all said and done. Even you guy readers. Don't be scared. Embrace it.


  1. I just read Twilight on Friday. When I started to read your post, I thought you were going to say your crush is Edward...and my first thought was "He's mine!"

    I'm picking up the next book at the library today -- I can't wait!

  2. Wow! You're the first person I've read who really liked Eclipse. I was less than thrilled with it although not as much as some readers were.

    Now I must ask you, as you are a Jacob fan, did you think that she was maybe setting things up for a Jacob book? Or was that just me?

  3. Os, you too!

    Jessie, I'll give you Edward if I can keep Jake. Not a problem at all. lol Enjoy New Moon! It's drooliscious!

    Sassy, does that mean I have horrible taste if I'm the only one who liked it? lol

    I sure hope she's gonna write a Jacob book! I'd be the first one there panting at the register. Atlhough, I have a feeling Jacob will still play a big part in the next and final installment in the Twilight series. Bella's not gonna get off that darn easy.

  4. You know I'm Team Edward but I actually did feel bad for Jacob (at times) in this book. At this point though I think the guys need to find other girls and toss Bella aside. She seriously got on my nerves.

  5. I'm such a "series" failure! I haven't read New Moon yet and now Eclipse is out! I'm still in the middle of Harry Potter #3 (a re-read) and am trying to get through the rest so I can finally read #7. Sigh. Maybe my insomnia is a good thing?

  6. "la la la"

    Fingers in ears!

    200 pages to go!!!

  7. lol. No I don't think it means you have horrible taste. I think maybe the rest of us drank the Bella-Edward koolaid and are annoyed that the tables are being turned on us (or that what it feels like).

    I liked Jacob in New Moon...he was nice distraction and a good friend to Bella in that book. But in this one I found him irritating and kind of in the way because we were supposed to be rejoicing in Bella and Edward being back together again. If *I* found his brooding about Bella annoying can you imagine how the rest of the pack felt? ;)

  8. Well, something must be wrong with me too, cause I freaking loved it! But I'm such a sappy romantic sometimes.

    I was surprised by how swayed by Jacob I was. I didn't care for him to much in New Moon; I wanted Edward back so bad!!! But DAMN but that was one HOT freaking kiss on the side of that mountain. *Swoon!*

  9. LOL, Iliana, I hear ya. She did get a bit...hmm...grating!

    Les, look at it this way, you still get to read these great books for the first time! I, on the other hand, will have to re-read them for all of eternity.

    LOL, Sassy. I like that. The Edward and Bella koolaid. Nice way to put it. I sort of expected the love triangle after New Moon. I got warm for Jacob's form even back then. *swoon*

    Heather, AMEN to hot mountain kisses!!! I actually squeeled when I read it. B. thought I was dying. I assured him that I was. lol

  10. I started Twilight last night. It's been awhile since high school for me, but who cares;-)

  11. Eeeee!! I completely forgot Twilight is out now! Great, now I have to go re-read New Moon to get myself caught up and then...oh screw it. I just have to go buy the book RIGHT NOW.

    And I'm in the Edward camp myself. RAWR.


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