Friday, August 03, 2007

The weekend is upon us...

And I still didn't get some of the more thoughtful posts posted this week. Sheesh. You all are going to think I've begun to morph into Paris Hilton or something.

So, what does everyone have planned for the weekend?

I have about four articles left to write before Sunday at 7am (no problem). Today, B and I will be venturing out for some errand running--a new filter for the pond from Lowe's, some jeans for him, some bottled water and canned drinks from the hell that is Wal-Mart on NC's tax-free weekend (pray for our souls).

When we get home from town, he'll be working on our storage building, aka, "the man room," and I'll be straightening the house. "Andi, why are you conforming to such restricted gender roles?" you might ask. Well, quite simply, I don't like getting hot and sweaty (outside the house). So, it works out nicely that I stay in and wash dishes.

Random question of the day: Why, oh why, does Fergie wear that awful black hat in the "Big Girls Don't Cry" video? Oh well, I suppose it's better than pissing herself on stage.

It's been a slow reading week, but that's to be expected after last week's four books. While I'm enjoying The Dying Animal velly velly mush, I'm more involved in writing my own. B asked last night if he was going to be able to retire soon. I told him it might take until the second book. The first one is for my student loans.


  1. Ha, Boyfriend is getting on me to publish the first book also, so he can stop working! :)

    Nice that they have so much confidence in our 21st century post-feminist ability to provide.

    (God, I hate using that, 'post-feminist.' Like the battles are all over!)

  2. My plans this weekend include catching up on my reading and checking out Estella's!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love this concept of "tax-free" weekend! We don't have that in Montana. Oh, yeah...we don't have a sales tax!

    No real plans for the weekend, other than to chill and catch up on rest. A slim possibility of meeting up with Leesa and eating deep-fried bull testicles, but it depends on the heat and the smoke.

    Beat that!!

  4. I totally feel ya on the student loans. I feel like I'm constantly paying and paying and when I check my balance I still owe a billion-thousand dollars. Gah.

  5. LOL, I hear ya, Soj. Of course, if they were doing the writing we might wanna retire, too.

    Iliana, I hope you enjoy the new Estella!

    Wow, no sales tax, Os? I bet the state income tax is a bitch, though.

    Yep, Nik, apparently that's the price of self-betterment...a lifetime of payment. Oy!

  6. I paid off my student loans ages ago. I'm getting really old.

    As to the weekend . . . I guess I must have planned to sleep. Really, I didn't, but I got hijacked by my husband on Friday and then I slept the rest of the weekend. And, read a little. Mostly slept. I feel like sleeping, again, because of my life sucking and all.


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