Thursday, September 06, 2007


I don't have a thing to say. Not a flippin' thing. I'm sitting in my office at my laptop, my nipples so hard they could cut glass (it's just THAT cold), and I'm patiently waiting for lunch because I'm starrrrrving.

I have a plethora of stuff around me...books, papers, a mostly-empty water bottle (I always have one with me). I'm lamenting the fact that I didn't bring my card reader with me, so I can't post pics.

I have two books with me to read: Wuthering Heights and Me Talk Pretty One Day. I should probably be making conference reservations for November, or grading something, or running off tests.

But no.

I'm blogging.

About nothing.

OK, fine, I'll share some of the procrastination I've been engaged in recently:

This, dear friends, is a ring. A cute, sweet-lookin' ring that you can purchase for your very own at Robin's Jewelry Box (an Etsy store). Go over and take a look at the other cute, food themed jewelry: a toaster pin, an icing bowl ring, an ice cream cone necklace. I have a little disposable income at the moment, so I think I'm going to dispose posthaste.

And something SOOOO cute from Cute Overload.

Oh, and before I forget, I am doing Carl's RIPing 5 Challenge. Here's the deal:

The challenge will coincide with the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril Challenge II running from September 1st to October 31st, 2007.

Again, the challenge is this: make some positive healthy changes to your lifestyle that will become habits leading to overall better health and a longer life. To stay focused I have included the goal of losing 5 pounds during this time, but please remember, you can sign up to join in without having to focus on the number of pounds lost.

My goals:

  • Drink more water, fewer cokes (cokes, in Texas, meaning anything sodalike in the rest of the world)
  • Take the stairs. I climb a buttload of them in a day, so I might as well make a concerted effort to skip the elevator and get some exercise.
  • Eat out less. Always a goal.
  • Make healthier choices when eating out. Just say no to grease.
  • Shave off much of the sugar in my diet. I've eaten WAY too much lately.


  1. I want to hear more about the nipples...

  2. LOL - re: Osbasso's comment. FYI- I sympathize as I live in a basement apartment and suffer from extreme central AC.

    Your goals are definitely doable and I may have to adopt most of them myself! (I don't drink soda very often.)

  3. I could never quit Diet Coke, it is the elixer of life, it is ambrosia, it is what flows through my veins.

  4. I want to hear more about your goals, way to go, Happy HNT and cute overload!

  5. I am with you on the healthy eating goals...I've been trying to make changes every week and I have given up a LOT but my weight doesn't seem to change - it's frustrating. Eventually even I, the stair-hater, am going to have to start taking them!

  6. I saw that picture of the dog and thought it was hilarious! I love the ears!

    And ugh, if I had Wutherin Heights with me I wouldn't want to read either! I could never get into that book!

    How do you like my new avatar? LOL

  7. Ack! It's so small! It's says "Jacob Black is my fictional boyfriend."

    I love it!

  8. OMG! I love that Cardigan Welsh Corgi!

    But hey, great goals. You'll be surprised how much difference drinking enough water (preferably warm water, not cold) and cutting on the sodas can make a difference.

  9. nothing to say over here either. That is the cutest, most delicious ring I've ever seen! Must get one...i don't have disposable income at the moment tho :O( The puppy pic is too cute too!

  10. If you'd had the card reader, I would have suggested nipple photos too.

  11. Hmm...From the comments, they love the dog, the rings ... and your nipples. ;p

    Well, that's one topic to write about for your next post!

  12. Oh, Os, you dirty bird.

    Heather, I wish I could say I don't drink soda often. Given, I drink caffeine-free diet soda, but it's still likely to give me a tumor or something.

    LOL, Fem, I agree!

    Thanks, tkkerouac!

    Courtney, I ws surprised and delighted to find I'd lost a few pounds! Work is actually very good for me because when I'm busy and out of the house, I don't snack. Hooray!

    Heather, Wuthering Heights is actually going my way for once! I hope it keeps up! And I loooove that icon! Gonna have to yoink it!

    Aren't they cute, Orpheus?! I love them. I want one. And I can't keep enough water around. I drink a TON.

    Funky, I don't really either. But I will next week! Then I'm getting one of those rings!

    Oh, Dale, you dirty bird. :)

    LOL, Orpheus. I'm so flattered. (They're easy to entertain.) ;)


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