Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No, I'm not dead!

I'm back, I'm back. I know, I'm a horrible blogger. A horrible blogger with three jobs a boyfriend and too many hobbies. Oy!

First off, there's a new issue of Estella's Revenge online now, and guess what?? Heather interviewed MARKUS ZUSAK! If you're not rolling around on the ground suffering fits of overwhelming excitement right now, then you probably don't know who Markus Zusak is. He's the author of a fantabulous book called The Book Thief. Just go read it right now. Or look up a blurb on Amazon or something. It's amazing and really popular and Heather is AWESOME!

Now, it's certainly not my intention to downplay, in ANY WAY, the other articles because we have some real doozies this time around. The theme is "confessions" and, boy, do we have a lot to confess!

In other news, today is my 14-hour day at work. Yes, 14 hours. I want to die. It's my first 14-hour day, as a matter of fact, and I forgot my Excedrin. I shall probably be a worthless slug by the time 9:45 pm rolls around, but I comfort myself with the wads of money I'll have my grubby little paws on come September 15th.

The breakdown:
5:45 - get up
6:45 - 7:30 - drive to work
7:30am - arrive at school
8:00am - teach first class
9:00am - 10:00 on Mon/Wed - office hours
9:00 or 10:00 - 12:00 - break
12:00-3:00 - work in writing center
3:00-7:30 - break (dragggg)
7:30-9:45 - second class
9:45-10:30 - drive home

And if you count the drives it's way more than 14 hours!

Given, it's not THAT darn much work in a day's time, but by the time I get done driving the 40 mins to and from school, sitting around being useless, and teaching, it's a bitch of a day. But, as is habit to tell myself when the schedule looks gloomy--I can do ANYTHING for a semester.

Labor Day weekend was mostly uneventful. Some hospital visiting, lots of chilling out and sluggery. With a teensy bit of housework thrown into the soup.

I did get some reading done. In fact, I finished Nick Horby's The Polysyllabic Spree just before August ended. Reminder: Nick Hornby, the guy I ripped the previous post off from.

To further remind, The Polysyllabic Spree is a collection of 14 of Hornby's monthly book columns from The Believer magazine. Hornby has written quite a bit of fiction. To non-readers, his two most famous are probably High Fidelity (made into a movie starring John Cusak and Jack Black) and About a Boy (starring Hugh Grant and Toni Collette).

I tried reading High Fidelity once, and I didn't make it through, however, I have to admit wholeheartedly, that Hornby is one funny bloke. Hilarious in fact. Despite that fact, I found The Polysyllabic Spree more spectacular in premise than execution. One of the main reasons could very well be that Hornby's reading tastes and mine are rather divergent. We don't have a whole heck of a lot in common save Charles Dickens novels and the occasional off the wall non-fiction. I did enjoy reading his thoughts on his reading and book buying, his barbed remarks about the Spree (the men and women who run The Believer), and life in general. However, it became a bit tedious reading about a bunch of books that I didn't particularly want to read for myself.

And therein lies the second reason why I didn't completely lust and drool over the book: I read it in probably 2-3 days. That's a lot of column. A lot of schtick. A lot of the same format. So, dear readers, if you undertake the task, do spread it out over a week or two in order to maximize your lust.

There is a second book of Hornby's columns entitled Housekeeping vs. Dirt, and I will certainly give it a go. Why, you ask? Because I enjoyed this first one enough even if I wasn't blown out of the water. I would even buy the second book because all of the proceeds from these collections go to charity. ALL PROCEEDS. For The Polysyllabic Spree, I believe the two charities were a writing workshop in NYC and a foundation for autistic children in London. Most excellent, I say.

Final rating: 6.5/10

Now I'm off to drink Cranberry Tea from Sonic (my new obsession) and enter names into the computer. Don't you wish you were me? (Hyeah, right.)

Oh, and I did snap some pics of the campus today, so I'll try to upload those tonight or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow since I'll be lucky to roll into the house still upright tonight.



  1. Seems like that 3:00-7:30 time block is perfect for tackling your reading list!

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the campus.

  2. DUDE, i hear you on the 14 hour day!!!!!! i know i don't work full time but being that i work in tv (on Bionic Woman right now) the days are never ever shorter than 10 plus hours 15 is an 'average' day. BAH! that is why i don't do it full time with no car i just CAN'T!

  3. At least its not 3 boyfriends and 1 job!!!

    I'll be making sure my wife gets over to E.R. today as she just finished The Book Thief last night and cannot stop pestering me to drop all other books and 'read this right now!!!'.

    This month's issue looks excellent, can't wait to dive into it.

  4. Os, my thoughts exactly! I have Wuthering Heights with me today for reading during my break.

    Lordy, woman! I don't think I could do 15s all the time. Not many in a row anyway. At least I have something of a break on Monday/Wednesday. It's so cool that you work in TV!

    To echo your wife, drop all other books and 'read this right now!!!'. Seriously. Amazing. You'll LOVE IT.

  5. So dinner would have taken place between 3 and 7 pm eh? And some reading maybe. :)

    I had back-to-back summer classes in the morning and with all the prep and office hour it added to about 13.

  6. Yeesh, a long day for you. My sympathies!

    And a random question that has nothing to do with what you just said: what's your username on Bookmooch? I plan on mooching off you shamelessly. :)

  7. oh holy lord I don't envy you on the 14 hour work days. That sucks but you are correct and you can do anything for a semester...it's for the greater good, right?

  8. Yikes....a 14-hour day would certainly bite!! But at least you are employed!!

    Loved the interview, by the way!! Kudos for pulling that one off!

  9. busy, busy!

    (ha- at first I typed busty, busty... which is true... but not what I meant)

  10. Ugh! And I complain about my job! But the money will be great.

    High Fidelity was my favorite Hornby book; I didn't get into the other ones that I've read. But I am going to try Polysyllabic.

  11. You got it, Matt. I think it finally took place around 5:00 to beat the just-out-of-work traffic and so I wouldn't be miserably full in my night class.

    Funky, that's what I keep telling myself, but if I didn't want to STRANGLE my morning class (and night, too, actually) it would make things easier!

    Thanks, Stephanie! And I wish I could say I had something to do with that Zusak interview, but that was allllll Heather's finagling. She's soo goood.

    Cold, I'm shakin' my ta-tas just for you!

    LOL, Purl. I tell my students, "I'm having a really hard time working up some sympathy for your busy lives." At first they didn't appreciate it, now they understand.

    Maybe I'll give High Fidelity another try. I'm easily swayed. :)

  12. Very cool about the Zusak interview, I recently read that and loved it and just bought it for someone else. I think I may have read about it here Andi.

  13. Yayyyy! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed The Book Thief, Dale!

  14. I loved Both of those book review column collections, but I have a similar sensibility to NH,so maybe that's part of it. I read Housekeeping and The Dirt in the bathtub in one sitting.

    As for your long day, on one hand, it's hard to be out and about for that long, but you can certainly find a cozy corner for reading or napping, can't you? If you don't have a couch in your office, you need to beg, borrow or steal one pronto.

  15. Lu, I don't have a couch, but that's a GREAT idea. I'll start begging pronto!

  16. (color me a dork...)
    I came to you thru Os's HNT...I just finished reading The Book Thief.
    Will you help me with the (coolness) of (Heather) and her review? Just so I understand?
    It was a phenomenal book!


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