Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Strange days...

I have that bit in my head, from the movie French Kiss, where Meg Ryan is on the plane to Paris to track down her boyfriend who's trying to leave her. She's sitting on the plane, and she's terrified of flying, and she's singing to herself....

I hate Paris in the springtime,
I hate Paris in the fall.
I hate Paris...
Why oh why do I hate Paris?
Because my love...is...there....
With his SLUT girlfriend...........

No idea where it came from, but there it is.

Currently...still at work at 5:03 and no signs of slowing til 9:45
Eating...chicken and corn chowder with a side of mini Triscuits and a package of Knott's Berry Farm strawberry jam shortbread cookies.


  1. It's God telling you that you need to go to Paris. But, the word "slut" indicates that you can't go with a guy - it's a girlfriend trip. And, you should invite me, of course. I'm sure that's hidden, somewhere. The Etsy food link means you're supposed to eat lots of good food instead of just looking at it. Got all that?

  2. That would be one of my favorite movies EVAR.

    And yes, like bookfool said, 'tis a sign you need to go to Paris...but with ME! Seriously, my boss goes to France all the time, I have connections...

  3. I love that bit--that and the conversation about happy people: "Happy people make my ass twitch." Now I need to go listen to some accordion cafe music and dream about Paris...

  4. Bookfool, you're my kind of prophet! I think you're exactly right...on Paris and food and everything. In honor of your soothsaying I'm gonna eat some sugar cookies that I bought downstairs earlier.

    Jen, I love it too! I love it hard. And please introduce me to your boss. We'll be on a plane in no time!

    Sarah, the "ass twitch" thing cracks me up and I can do a PERFECT, spot-on impression of it. One of my greatest accomplishments I like to think.


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