Thursday, October 04, 2007

The crazy lady is back!

Whew! This week has been a whirlwind. The good news is that I finally got the newest issue of Estella's Revenge online, and this time we're taking a trip into the unknown. Go check it out for a creepy fix, and lots of other wonderful features, columns and reviews. Not to mention, a book giveaway! The October "Door Prize" book giveaway is a copy of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

In other news, I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt. How's that for a crass analogy of the day? Ha! Serves you right for catching me in one of my mad frenzies.

I've been doing training to teach online classes in the fall, and I'm actually having a heck of a good time. I'm going to be teaching TWO, count 'em again...TWO literature classes in the fall. OK, so that might be slightly misleading, as they are literature/writing classes (very important SLASH). But, the bottom line is that we WILL be reading, discussing and analyzing literature of my very own choosing and that, kids, makes me a VERY HAPPY CAMPER. So happy, in fact, that I've been spending more time planning classes that won't start for three more months than grading papers for my classes that are just now reaching mid-term. So, after much soul searching and a near psychotic break, I had to get down to business and organize/grade/catch up with the stuff I have on my plate in the now.

All of this excitement, frivolity, and resulting penance has seriously cut into my reading time. I haven't finished a book allll week. BUT, Monday and Tuesday are Fall Break, so I plan to sleep late, eat well, and read myself into a relaxation-induced coma. Neener, neener!

I hope you're all having a wonderful, fantastic, orgasmically wonderful week. I'm going to catch up on my bloggy reading.

I've missed you, my pretties.


  1. Fall break already? My how time quickly time has been passing lately!

    Enjoy the break girlie, you deserve it!

  2. You do a lot of stuff. I'm exhausted just reading this.

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhh how i LOVED the road. even though i have it in hard cover i think it is still like seventh printing or something crazy like that.

  4. Congratulations on finishing Estella. It looks fab, as always. I don't know how you fit in everything you do, really I don't. Do you have some sort of miracle energy secret?

    Enjoy the break. :)

  5. Have you decided which books the class will be reading? I'd really like to take a lit class. Actually I'd like to audit a class--then I could soak in the knowledge but avoid writing any papers!! Enjoy your fall break!

  6. Life is good, eh? You sure sound busy & happy. I know what you mean about work cutting into reading time. I'm down to about 5 books a month. Quite a drop from my usual dozen or so. Oh, well. I LOVE my job, so that helps.

  7. Oh, the new Estella's Revenge sounds good. Need to go check that out. Very cool about all the new happenings with work. Good luck with all of that and enjoy your couple of days off!

  8. I'm pretty jealous of you teaching lit. One day it will happen for me.

  9. hey
    'on the road' the new non-censored version?

    'the only people to me are the mad ones...

  10. uncensored that's what I meant.

    like disinformed , noncensored has infiltrated the vicissitudes of my vocabulary...
    *feeling sheepish*
    and oh so critical
    with a tad bit 'too wise'
    and a chunk of 'who cares?'
    I'll never know.
    and no one will tell me.


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