Monday, October 15, 2007

Hatchet? Anyone?

Almost done with Carl's R.I.P. Challenge!!! Then I hope to start reading some extra credit. :)

My third selection for this most delicious challenge was The Borden Tragedy, a graphic novel by Rick Geary. I was pleasantly surprised that Geary did not go overboard with the illustrated blood and guts in this book. There was certainly a distinct possibility that graphic novel + Borden story could very well equal a very graphic novel, but he stuck pretty closely to what I've seen before. Images of the Borden mama or the Borden daddio laid out like steak in very unrevealing positions.

Geary frames this book by insisting that it is based on the journals of a Borden family friend who did a good bit of snooping post-killing to try and figure out if Lizzie was really the culprit. Whether Sir Geary is telling the truth or blowing sunshine up my proverbial behind, the story is told in a very matter-of-fact way. Nothing seemed terribly over the top, just another account of the story. However, I did learn quite a bit as Geary goes to the trouble of mapping the top and bottom floors of the house, and there's a good bit of detail about the resulting legal proceedings of this tragedy.

The illustrations in this realistically spooky story were gorgeous. All done in black and white, they were wonderfully drawn and added a great deal to the overall sense of foreboding that this tragedy conjures.

Hip-hip-hooray for this tasteful non-fiction Halloween treat.

No idea what I'm reading next. I'm on the verge of finishing The Secret Lives of People in Love (SO don't want it to end) and I need to review A Thousand Splendid Suns for PopMatters, well, like yesterday. But it'll get done later this week.


  1. Oh...this sounds good! I've never really gotten into graphic novels. But then they started making some killer movies out of them. Maybe it's time to start reading some!!

  2. I'm still new to the graphic novels genre but this one sounds pretty interesting. And, hey, I'm almost done with the challenge too :)

  3. Stephanie, I think you'd really like it, and I think you'd really like graphic novels in general. They're really fun and many of the better ones are affecting on many levels. Really rewarding reading.

    Iliana, it was very interesting!

  4. I haven't heard of this one at all, but it looks great.


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