Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hermity and Estella the Great

Yes, I'm working on Estella. I'm just short on time. But it's coming! Tomorrow!

I'm feeling rather hermity given all the crap I'm working on at the moment. Classes continue to kick. my. ass. But, I did get the schedule for Spring this morning and it's fantastic. I'll be teaching two online classes, and the other two classes I'm teaching will meet back to back on Tuesday and Thursday. The best part of the whole damn deal, TWO LITERATURE CLASSES!!! One online and one in person.

All I really want to do right now is quit all of my jobs, run off to the mountains, and write snarky essays and grotesque short stories a la Joyce Carol Oates. Not that I'm that good, but I'd like to try.


Random Crap:

I'm still girl-crushing on Miranda July even though I have yet to read No One Belongs Here More Than You (short stories). She's on the cover of Bust magazine this time around, and I just wanna pinch her cheeks. Speaking of Bust, I haven't gotten my copy. Which means Mom probably didn't renew it (early graduation/birthday/Christmas/whatever present).

A guy came into the Writing Center with AWESOME tattoos today. I got the name of his tat guy and Googled the place. I think I've found a winner, folks. Tattoo ideas are a'brewin'.

I'm ready for my two days off next week. Really damn ready.

More later, when I get my head out of my arse.


  1. Looking forward to the latest Estella's Revenge! Counting down here :)
    By the way, I tagged you on a meme.

  2. Sounds like you could really use a day off!! I just got your email. Yeah for me!! Estella's Revenge looks great yet again!!

  3. Heather, yeah. I need more RIGHT NOW. I'm ready to take to the clock tower!

    Iliana, going to check out that meme RIGHTNOW!

    Steph, congrats! I hope you enjoy the book! I'll be reading it sometime soon, too.

  4. Two lit classes, I'd settle for half of one--I'm jealous

  5. Miranda July? Really? I saw her movie of two years ago(you and all your friends? Something like that anyway) and I thought that both she and the movie were pretentious and annoying. Wonderturtle loved it though, so maybe I'm just cranky.


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