Monday, November 05, 2007

Signed, sealed, delivered!

After too much Chinese food, I feel kind of lethargic and sick, so what better time to catch up on my blogging?

There have been some very exciting goings-on around here. Specifically, I've received some titilating goodies in the mail in the last week or so. First was a signed copy of Scott McCloud's Reinventing Comics. For the uninitiated, McCloud is the big daddy of comics theory. He's written several really amazing books on how comics function. His work is instrumental for any scholar working with graphic narrative, and his books played a huge role in my Master's thesis. Having his autograph and a brief, "to Andi" are just so freakin' cool!

To top off the cool of having a McCloud autograph, my good buddy T. got to entertain Joyce Carol Oates when she came to Purdue recently. Being the kind, generous soul that he is, he e-mailed posthaste to ask what book I'd like signed. My quick response, Beasts! Not only did T. get Oates to sign a copy for me, he got her to sign a beautiful hardcover copy! One of my very favorite books of all time signed by the god of my idolatry!

*bowing down at T.'s feet*

I just wanna build a very swanky, well-lit display case for it. Maybe I'll bribe B. to do that for my impending birthday. Doubtful, but I might manage it.

I would provide proper pics of both signatures, but my memory card has chosen this day to hide from me. I know I put it "somewhere safe," but that's usually the kiss of death for any and all of my possessions.


  1. That is wonderful that T. thought about you. It is kind of funny...when I was standing in line to get my copy of McCloud's book signed, everybody in front of me was talking to him about all kinds of stuff pertaining to the field and his work, and showering adulations on him, and shootin' the breeze. When I finally got up to him I just stood there. He looked at me like he was expecting some kind of praise or questions, or something, but I just stood there. Finally he said would you like this personalized and I said yes and gave him my name. Again, he kind of waits, so finally, I said that I am new to this game so I don't have anything to say other than I enjoyed your presentation and he said well, that is good enough.

  2. Too much Chinese food? Is there such a thing?

  3. Wow, you lucky duck! That is too freaking cool! I'm green!

    And I have to agree, there is no such thing as too much Chinese food!

  4. Fem, I love your McCloud story! Fantabulous indeedy. And I'm green with envy that y'all got SUCH a cool speaker for EGAD.

    Johnny, apparently there is! Or maybe it was ill-prepared pigeon. Oy!

    Thanks, Heatheroo! And I didn't think there was such a thing either until this morning...when I called in sick. Although I think it has less to do with the amount and more to do with the contents. Blarrrg.

  5. Hurrah, an Oates recommendation, and I wasn't even looking. I've read We Were the Mulvaneys but I think that's about it. If you have any other favorites, let me know!

  6. Awesome! Shadow boxes are pretty easy to make. :)

  7. Courtney, Beasts is just so freakin' amazing I can't even recommend anything else above it. And, sadly, I haven't read as much Oates as I should've to be a #1 hardcore fan. I have The Tattooed Girl, Middle Age, and several others on my stacks. Maybe I need to put them out where I can see them and then I'd actually think to read them!!!

    Eva, now there's an idea!!!

  8. Very cool. And, I know that "somewhere safe" bit. Been there, done that. My mother's famous line was, "I put it somewhere." Those 4 words meant, "You will not see it for at least a decade."

  9. Just to say that I loved Beasts too - we evidently have very similar tastes! Lucky you to have a signed copy!

  10. Wow, that's cooler than cool. And I'm jealous of your Chinese food eatery. The Chinese food here just doesn't taste the same.

  11. Nancy, amen to that! I'm still looking for the social security card I put in a safe place. And not just a safe place, a safe and responsible place. I'll never find that little bugger.

    Litlove, I think you're right!! What other Oates works would you recommend?

    Nik, I say the same thing about Mexican food anywhere besides Texas. I'm such a Texican.

  12. ***Blushing***

    Bowing down at my feet, eh? That is so flattering. I wish you could have been their to hear the gasp in the crowd when Oates said she loved the "penetrating force" of Updike's work. You could actually hear the feminist hearts breaking in the room. Quite odd.

  13. LOL, I can imagine, T. I sort of gasped when I read it in your email.

    I watched some YouTube vids of JCO the other night and she is pretty weird. But smart. Interesting. She sort of made Charlie Rose look like a neanderthal on several occasions.

  14. What is wonderful!

    I'm going to add "Beasts" to my wishlist. I definitely want to read more Oates.


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