Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photo Blitz

A few weeks ago, my good buddy TheOtherFeminist alerted me that guests were en route. As it turns out, the Little Alien Buggers made the long trek from Texas to visit with my poppets, Ace the Alien, Midnight, and Little Red. The buggers were very well prepared for their trip. If you click the pic below to enlarge it, you'll see that they made their long journey in a fetching trunk decorated with buckles and a silver longhorn. No Buggers worth their salt travel without a passport, travel diary and trusty boots and cowboy hats. Not to mention the campfire, sleeping bag, lantern, and marshmallows.

The Poppets approached the Buggers with care as they'd never seen anything quite like the one-eyed rodeo heroes. But, soon enough, they were all climbing trees together.

OK, so the Poppets are afraid of heights, but the buggers seemed to have no problem.

After their excursions in nature, the Poppets and Little Alien Buggers settled in for some light reading. Andi's thesis (standing) and her first academic publication, a review in the Fall issue of MELUS.

Those silly buggers. They even took a picture of Andi and B's Christmas tree from Andi's reading chair.
And finally, they accepted a package while Andi was at work. They took the liberty of opening the box and found some beautiful birthday presents from Heather! They all curled up with the beautiful knitted scarf that Heather made, and the breathtaking illustrated Sleeping Beauty.

The Buggers will be back on the road soon in an attempt to make it to their dude ranch before the Christmas holidays. But boy, they sure had fun with the Poppets, and the Poppets are still scratching their pointed little heads over how the Buggers get through life with one eye each. Hmmphf.


  1. Weird maybe... but SO much fun. :)

  2. lol, I love the pictures. And those are wonderful presents. The scarf is beautiful (makes me wish I could knit!), and the book seems great too!

  3. Awww, the alien buggers! I'd nearly forgotten about those!

    And this has nothing to do with your post, but have you seen The Golden Compass yet?

  4. I love your tree! That is the way trees are supposed to look... not all one color and boring!

  5. Oh, I am so glad the Little Alien Buggers (LABS) are having so much fun with your Lit-Pops. I hope they have been good house guests and not too much trouble.
    And yes, I agree with Nymeth, the scarf Heather made for you is lovely.
    Congratulations on your publication and have a happy Winter Solstice.

  6. Oooooohhhh the thesis is so pretty!!! And the tree too!!! And such lovely poppets and, eh, buggers too! :) And, if I do say so myself, the scarf is quite nice as well!

  7. Os...<-- says the guy who started HALF NEKKID THURSDAY! lol

    Donna, thanks!

    Nymeth, now if it were only cold enough here in NC to wear it!

    Fangirl, I have not! I was talking to Susan about it last night, though, and she LOVED it.

    Thanks, Cold! We like the eclectic, colorful nature of it.

    Thanks, Fem! They had a great time, and have been very quiet and polite. hehe

    Thanks, Heatheroo!

  8. Very fun Poppet pics!

    That is a great scarf. I have a blanket made out that same kind of yarn and it is soooo soft and warm.

    The illustrated calendar looks great too. Who is the artist, or are their multiple artists?


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