Monday, March 24, 2008

God Bless Spring Break

It's sogood to be doing nothing. I slept late this morning (well, 6:30...that's late for Daisy), lounged around, ran errands before noon, played with the pup, read a bit, and now we're readying ourselves for puppy school at 7:00.

The evidence of my Spring Break good times:

This is the "dirt cake" I made for yesterday's Easter lunch with B.'s parents. If you peak under the cute little flowers you'll see...dirt. Made of Oreos of course. Recipe forthcoming.

This is today's culinary adventure. A quiche recipe I found in a new cookbook. I had a keen time (welcome to 1956) shopping for fresh mozarella cheese and other goodies to go in this big honker of a brunch. Recipe forthcoming, too.

Daisy has the Spring Break spirit. This is from this morning before either of us got up and around very much. You'll notice she's in my reading chair on top of my favorite blanket. *sigh* Is nothing sacred anymore? Nah, not really.

I'll be back after puppy school to add the recipes to this post.


  1. Daisy looks big! So glad to hear you are enjoying spring break and that the reading slump is over! I enjoyed your reviews and of course have added Angela Carter's book to my wish list. I must read that.

  2. It sounds like you are enjoying your spring break, Andi! I love the photo of Daisy.

  3. Ooh of course another cute picture of Daisy. And I have had Dirt Dessert before, how tasty and fun! I haven't made it, but I would love to bring it to a party and pretend it is a potted plant :-)

  4. Puppy school? I, too, have an adorable but thoroughly incorrigible puppy (well, he's two, so he's hardly a pup now) who repeatedly tests the boundaries that I've set for him. Perhaps it's time for to look at puppy school, too.

  5. Daisy is so big! Enjoy spring break. I can't wait for that dirt recipe. I had one of those cakes when I was a kid and remember loving it.

  6. Oh I love quiche! Yum! And I love dirt cake!! I hope you put worms in it ;)

    I'm green with envy. I wish I was on some kind of break.

    Daisy is adorable as always!

  7. did you put gummy worms in your dirt cake :-)? I can't wait for the quiche recipe. I have never had a reading chair and I've recently decided when we buy new furniture that's one of our first purchases...I really need a dedicated place to read.

  8. Funny, we had 'dirt and worms' on the weekend too.

  9. Glad you're enjoying your spring break. But, I am a little jealous. :) You're making me hungry with the pictures of the quiche and the dirt cake. I look forward to getting the recipe for the quiche. That's one of my favorite things to make. Hope Daisy did well at puppy school!

  10. The big difference between dogs and cats? You train dogs. Cats train you.

  11. Yayy yayy yayy yayy yayyy! Love the Pic's - all of them. Food and puppies, there's not much more I like better. I can't believe how big Daisy is getting already! I love her. I want to smoosh her face!

    Don't worry, the early waking will go away soon. We've already trained our pooch to be as lazy as us! She loves to sleep in with us on the weekends. It's wonderful!!

  12. The quiche looks marvelous! Yum!

    And Daisy is growing so much!! How big will she be?

    Enjoy your spring break and the late sleeping :)

  13. Iliana, Daisy is getting big! She's doubled her weight when we got her. She's up to almost 9 pounds, and she's sooo leggy.

    LF, loving it so far!

    Kim, it's great fun pulling the old potted plant trick over on people.

    Chayenne, we have nothing but great things to say about obedience training. It takes a lot of work on our part, but it helps overall. And we have a long road ahead, but I'm glad we enrolled her! Plus, we don't have other pups around, so it's a great way to socialize her to a variety of people and pups.

    Nik, finally got that recipe posted! Enjoy!

    Thanks, Heatheroo!

    Courtney, I skipped the worms this time. But, next time I will definitely add them! And having a dedicated reading spot is wooonderful. I highly recommend it.

    Perfect spring dessert, Chris!

    Lisa, another successful week at puppy school. She can sit, lay down, and even walk well on a leash. Now if we could only get her to stop chewing on US and jumping. Oy!

    Amen, Stu.

    Thanks, Funky! I smooch her face quite often, as a matter of fact. She's used to it, and I'm sure she'd let you do it to her too. :D

    Becca, we have no idea how big she'll get!! She's half rat terrier and half....something big. The original owners (crackheads!...we adopted) said chow, but we can't tell she's got a bit of chow in her. Now we think she might be part pit bull given her mannerisms and build. We're hoping she stays medium sized. *crossing fingers*

    Doin' fine. Thanks, Paul!

  14. And how did puppy school go? Who learnt the most?

  15. It went well! I think we might've learned the most, as a matter of fact. :)

    Her "sit" and "down" commands are coming along swimmingly.


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