Saturday, June 28, 2008

RAT - Hour 9 Begins

Wow, Hour 8 was the most craptaculous of all. I only read 10 pages. But, in my defense, B was gone to run an errand and I took Miss Daisy outside for a romp. I'm back inside now, waiting on turkey burgers to come off the grill, and I'm neck-deep in Blood and Chocolate. I'm considering reading a Robert Crumb collection after I finish this novel. I *heart* comics.

More later!


  1. There was an hour where I hadn't read a page. Time just got away from me!

  2. I'm feeling a little tired (did not get good sleep last night), which is Not Good. lol I think I'm going to go pump more caffeine into myself. ;)

  3. Chris, I made up for it over the last couple of hours. Finished my 2nd book! Woot!

    Eva, I'm right there with ya. I just took 2 Excedrin for a headache, and luckily for me they play double duty since they have caffeine in 'em.


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