Saturday, June 28, 2008

RAT - Hour 9-11.5

I've been on a roll! I finished my second book of the 'athon, Blood and Chocolate. What an involving book! It was a little predictable toward the end there, but overall it grabbed me by the nosehairs and wouldn't let go. If you like reading about werewolves and whatnot, give it a try!

The RAT stats so far:

Books finished: 2 - The Shadow of Ghadames and Blood and Chocolate
Pages Read since my last post: 143
Total pages read in the challenge: 419
Amount of time spent reading since my last post: roughly 2-2.5 hours
Total amount of time spent reading in the challenge: 320 minutes

In not so great news, I'm getting SLEEPY, and it's wayyyy too early for that. I just took a couple of Excedrin for a mild headache, and luckily for me they happen to have caffeine in them. Woot!

Now that I've finished Blood and Chocolate, I think I'm going to press on to graphic novels. I have The Complete Crumb Comics, vol 17 and the first in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series here next to me. Let's see what sticks!


  1. Stay awake! or take a nap? hey - I don't really have any advice but to keep it fun and do what ya gotta do... I'm not sure how long I will be up for the wee hours, but I'll probably be dreaming abt this cheering biz I've done all day... READ ON, - Care

  2. Will do, Care. I'll probably cat nap at some point, but I'm going to press on if I can!

  3. I am rigth there with you about being sleepy...I think a shower will be in order soon...


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