Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twit. Twitt. Twitter!

OK, I joined. This could be a new addiction. Who else is on Twitter? Leave your username in the comments or friend me with the usual username: estellasrevenge.


  1. The addiction. Precisely the reason I won't join. I'd be toast if I did... Have fun!

  2. Hi, Andi! I just nominated you for a Blog Award! See my blog for details. Don't feel obligated to do the "rules". I just wanted to give you the award. :-)

    Have a great day!

  3. I don't quite understand what Twitter is... Guess I should go take a look? (Then again, that could be dangerous...)

  4. I started following you... I'm easily addicted to anything and everything. (Oh and I'm novaren.)

  5. Is there anything about twitter that makes it more addictive than facebook or myspace? Inquiring minds would like to know (not that I need anything else to play with).

  6. Hi, Twitterer! I'm on as RavenousReader :)

  7. LOL, Os.

    Lezlie, thank youuu soo very much!

    Lisa, it's sort of like blogging, but 140 words or less. It keeps count. You just post throughout the day whatever you're doing. Sort of odd, but oddly addictive.

    Thanks, Nova!

    Bookfool, I sort of summed it up for Lisa above. Weird idea, eh?

    Tammy, no...not more addictive than facebook or myspace for me. You can do more with those sites.

    Yay, Becca!

  8. Oh, I love twitter, and I'm so glad more book bloggers are joining up. The challenge of writing teensy little book reviews (or progress reports) in 140 chars or less is just too good to resist!

    My username is juuulie. See you there!

  9. Oops, someone beat me to it. I just tagged you for the two blogging awards - see my post:

  10. Over here thanks to Terri, and thought I'd mention my username is Jo_Parker, unfortunately it appears the twitter feed on my blog isn't working at the moment! Grrrr....

  11. Oh I just joined Twitter too! I found you on there (through Amanda) before I saw this post. It's fun isn't it!

  12. Andi: I'm unfnshdprsn there. I'm following a few other book bloggers as well over there. It's just another tool to keep track of people's posts. That's the way I see it. Plus sometimes people provide links to other interesting sites or stories of which you might have been aware.

  13. me:

    It is incredibly addictive, isn't it?

  14. I'll be curious to hear what you think, Andi. I read a little bit about it and decided I didn't need another reason to be on the computer! I can barely keep up with reading my favorite blogs and posting to mine. Have fun and let me know what you think after a couple of weeks.

  15. Julie, I love it too! I've actually only used all of my available characters once. hehe

    Thank you SO much, Terri!

    Thanks for stopping in, Jo! I need to figure out how to put my twitter feed on my blog. I had it the other day and then I forgot how to get back to it!

    Katie, it's too much fun! I'm glad you're there!

    ReadingFool, good point. I've found lots of interesting links there as well. It's a great time!

    DF, it's tooootally addictive! We need to do coffee, by the way. I've been a lazy ass since I got back from NC. I mostly stay in and don't spend money. LOL

    Les, it's fun so far and takes far less time than blog reading. That's the only way I can justify adding it to my already ridiculous internet habit. lol


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